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Thursday, September 25, 2008 / 5:59 PM
Because I know that someone up there is taking the things you do into account, even the littlest thing. And that someday that someone will credit you. So for now, just give and do not expect anything in return.

"Haha, see Beelay, it does pay well to be nice"
But then again, sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice/kind. Like last night, when Beelay was trying to allow those chinese gangsters to pass us on the dance floor, they just blatantly ignored us as if we owe them something. Well, sometimes it pays to be a total bitch. Ha, heck! At least we enjoyed ourselves, low low low low lowwwww-rent gangstars.

"Jor, tonight we shiok a bit okay!"

Pearl! Look, this pic damn funny.

It's only imperative that I say this:
My family consists of 4 members; my dad, mother, my brother and myself. Please correct yourself if you remembered that I have a sister. She's just the girl who lives in the same house as me. Not even my other half, thank you.
I show no respect to that skank because she's far worse than me. Look at yourself before you talk about me bitch! :)

(Before you read this part, please have a dictionary beside you)
I pray to God that you fail your exams again, and may you join the land of copious diabolical queers where you can find species of the same social status, who you call yourselves the 'Elites' and 'Socialites'. *(rolls eyes, spits at your psychedelic and repugnance face)
I pray to God that the next time I visit Zouk, I see your rancid-shit face.
To be even more succinct, you can never make it there, Jovene. I pity you, for not treasuring yourself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 / 1:30 AM
Au Revoir LJ
I have never been that drunk, till the extend that I had to sleep in car and got carried by my guards because I went into the wrong house, when a different maid opened the door, till the extend that I went to class the next day burping non-stop (must be the Henessy Coke!), and could still feel the hangover even after popping 2 pills down.
Well, but I must say, everyone had fun that night, Elena got sloshed together with me (with F's permission that is).


Have fun in UK, Lian Jin! We'll see you in December.

"I am damn good at acting cute, come Jor, take for me!"

Now can you tell, the effects after using the cream. It works! I spend like 15 minutes rubbing my face every day and night okay!

My toast to you; LJ, after that night, you take care of your livers.

Looted off Elena


Friday, September 12, 2008 / 2:47 PM


= ?

Attente un autre mois

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 / 3:24 PM
Tomorrow, I'll sit for BTT again, this time I hope I pass.
I want to walk out of the room smiling, and proceed to register for FTT & Driving.

Elena: "Bangkok where got problem, so normal, what politics siah"
Bloody news.

My virgin experience at Kent Ridge, nothing spectacular. Worse than Bukit Timah Hill.
Only can see a lot of incinerator towers, with fumes above.

Denise's 18th

Belinda/Anthony Birdsday

Shirley's 19th
Long time no see, my friends. Superbly fun!
I must go train my 5-10, I thought I was good, but FAILED!


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