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Friday, March 28, 2008 / 1:39 PM

Today's Natra's birthday, she has turned 18 already. finally!

Natra is my most trustable classmate in class, thus she makes my bestfriend in FSV :D
I can still vividly remember the first day in school, when I saw her in my class.
I was like, 'wth, yes!'. It was because of her enthusiasm in FMS Camp that I like, yes I observe people, I people watch.
The hyper-active malay girl who doesn't behave like a ___________ (figure that out).
The very few malay girls I've seen who doesn't need to work their asses off just to ace Gucci, Chanel and what not.
Her bubbly attitude, her curly hair which looks almost like they're twister fries, her wideeee smile, and her vogue dressing sense!

She's probably the only girl who can tolerate my laziness when it comes to in-class group work.
She's probably the most helpful one in class.
& together with her, we have endless talks and bitchings and baghags talkings.

Hey girl, I'm in the same class as you, for the next semester!
Yes again, already for 2 semesters!
Well, the only person whom I was praying to be with in the same class for Year 2 Semester 1, was you.
Seriously, for real, not kidding.

I wish you love, together with your cute little boyfriend who can almost pass off as your little bruddda.

I'll see you soon, love! :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 / 11:50 PM
I just deleted an entire roll of photos that were taken yesterday.
& so I stupidly emptied my trash bin, how smart bj.
Well, Tuesday saw all of meeting up again, for window-shopping, dinner and supper.
We all must start saving money now, forget about buying goods which cost you your arms and legs.
But then again, I'm so disappointed.

I got my eyes set on Tessuto just last week, and little did I know that it only comes in small sizes.
The largest is almost comparable to that of a Neverfull.

Now I must beg for a Keepall, if not it will leave me in an emotional limbo.

The geomancy has many advices, not to don any brown/yellow.
If I have to get a Keepall, I'll have to get the white damier piece. Rrrrrepugnance! -.-

For lunch, I had...

And for supper, I had the same food again. I couldn't finish the meatballs and the chicken, so I heated them up again.

Somehow, I cannot wait for school to reopen, but I don't wanna step into school with my huge surface area.
I must do something, maybe to re-contract FitnessFirst.

I cannot wait for the weekends to come!
I passed tonight's ZOUK, I'm sorry Dorris, Mich, Pearl, and Jocelyn.
I have to start work early tomorrow. I must work to earn money, if not I'll have to move out of this crib and rent an apartment, and my dad has to sell his cars and we all take public transport, my mom has to consign her bags and personal ornaments.
Scrimp and save!

HAHA, How do you save and scrimp?? (Inside joke)
Only when you scrimp, then can you save.

Pictures from last week

Hitching, for rides.

2am; marble cake.

Now, I want to learn how to sew and bun a turban. Anyone to indoctrinate skills?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 / 1:58 PM
This time round, with the family and the mater's mates.
Fun-o-Meter: 6/10, I guess it would have been better if without those mates.
Highly disgusting chinky chics, the males were fine.
What made things worse, was the Hotel! Fucking turn off.
With bedbugs in almost every roooooom!
First Hotel, that is it! :,(

&&& everything there is cheappp, well affordable.
Even the ciggs are only at SGD2.5 per packkkk

Well, I missed out on a lot in SG.
Nightout at MoS with MF, D's birthday surprise, Y's house party, & the manypeople outing.

Very beautiful, and hot.

The sister, and Jordus.

The mates whom I mentioned above?
There're more, 36 in total. Good lord.

We stoned at the airport for almost an hour, watching people stroll past.
Task: to wait for the other 28 animals who were stuck with one another. HAHA.
(stuck, past tense)

Please stay away from First Hotel, there are wonderful stories to this hotel.
May look nice on the exterior, but fuck it. You'll never want to know what's on your bed, and on your shower screen.

First stop, to the temple for blessings.

It has been refurbished, because of some imbecile who was imbibing too much from alcohol.
Teeheeehaaa (:

The father, praying.

Don't ask me why are these birds are being set free.

I is feeling beri hawt.

& finally, some air-conditioning!
At GAYSORN, you get to find a lot a lot of high-end stocks!
It's almost similar to SG's Hilton.

Traffic jam, every night.

Reminiscing our times, with Shumei, Matt, Nick, Kevin
HA, my bangcock story!

Nothing can describe the amount of hatred I have for this place.
No offence, but seriously, the CMI mall.

The roads by night.

You wouldn't wanna dine in here too.
Check out my meal.

German style Pork Knuckle.
Dirttttt cheap, but I tell you, tastes almost like it's just fried pork fats.

Say hello to the new toy.
J for Jordus.

Day 1's over.


Day 2,
we woke up at unearthly 7am, just for breakfast -.-
& off to a half day City Tour, never regretted that tour!

A boat ride, to different spots.
Stopped and spotted.

The long-haired guy, in green top?
Is our very entertaining guide, he gave up his family for his career.


The son of the company, and his wife.
They were one of the very few nice people.
Poor thing, he was Badly bitten by bedbugs. Not kidding.

Some Thai-Chinese foundation.

First stop, Wat Arun
The place where they shot Anna & the King

I had a tough time positioning myself, the steps were too steep.
I was just afraid that I might be too tad big for the steps.

The Royal Palace

The royal boat which the King and his mate sit on.

These houses, very prone to water flooding.

Their only mode of transportation is by rowing their sampans

Floating market.

Last stop for the day: JJ Market!
Hasn't changed much a bit since the last time I came.
& we combed EVERY stall. Not kidding.

I drink this, Thai Iced Tea, every meal!

The noodle was too good to be true that the brother aced himself with another bowl!

We were so tired that we took turned to 'act'
Act as if we were interested in something, and the rest got to sit down on chairs and if lucky enough, air-conditioned shops!

And before we slept, we went to Pat Pong.
Bad experience, apart from the last.
Exceedingly crude thais who do not even care about earning money.

We dined at this restaurant, which serves the worst...
1. Carbonara Pasta.
Seriously, the yolks were all COOOOKED! Fuck. & Charred bacons sprinkled. Shit.

2. French Onion Soup.
Not even well-baked.

3. Green Curry
Only with a few chunks of chicken cubes.

My brother made himself happy with a new pair of Nike Air Force, high-cut
Made me happy to, because I get to share with him.
Fuck, 8,000Bt, for a white pair of Nike shoes -.-

I scored a few rings, Black Onyx, with studded crystal gems, together with T&C mesh!
A faux Fred Perry ring, and Cartier love.
Ha, and I swear I bought nothing which is Fake except for the FP and Cartier rings.
Not even the Chanel, Gucci, LV, Balenciaga bags which were horribly displayed on shelfs!

We were introduced to dine at this Thai-Chinese restaurant.
Fuck, superrrrr expensive please. Well, I forgot the name of that place.
Half the time when you're eating, you have to chase those flies away from your dishes, and smacking mosquitoes!
And the meal bombed to a hefty sum of 400SGD. fuck. We had to haggle!

The only edible dish, Tiger prawns.

This plate of lobster sucks, horrrrribly!

The Bangkok version of SG Sim Lim Sq


Aye, even shopping at BKK Transit is awesome I tell you.
One thing, their Hermes doesn't display Kellys and Birkins.

You educate, and then next what?
You ask for money? Joke.

Sunset, world.

& back to our puny island (:
clean air, clean environment, communicable animals <3



Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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