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Saturday, April 30, 2005 / 4:02 PM
mann. im so pissed ytd. i wrote a super long entry. and then it went berserk. as in my com lah. SIAO SIAO. haha. shijun's comp got this laughing virus. i think its gonna be funny larh. =0) ytd was sports day. uhh. i dont wanna mention more cos im like ya. u know. if u wrote damn alot, then suddenly cant save, then super heartache.

watever it is, todays saturday. suppose to meet up with eliza and gang for study session. but nahh. ended up, cancelled. sigh. i had my lunch. and yah. i packed my room. super messy. and yah. now i dont know how to get started with my studies. how how how. damn. i think i'll prolly get down to kap's mac in the evening at about 5pm then i'll do my studying there. till 7m? then yeah. TOWN will be the next programme for tonight. haha. i need to collect my specs at fareast. hmm. yeah. this programme is just tentative. skali, i end up at home stoning. =)) ohwell. im outt. gonna spend time playing the piano before i get out of this house as soon as possible =)))

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 / 12:43 PM
WAHH. wth. i wrote super lorts of stuffs lorh for this entry. and this virus came up. my com went berserk. AHHHH. virus sucks. now i need to re-write.

in short. thanks people for commenting on my blog. haha. to siewyee: im not rich. i just went into Polo Ralph at Paragon just to take photos and to see the shirts. haha. but they are damn exp. i cant afford them. hhaha. =))

sch wasnt nice. and i mean it wasnt nice. =)). NOT NICE. i shant tok about sch. but the after sch thingy!! haha.

english tutorial was fun lah. huiwen and i sat infront of the whiteboard. haha. act nerds. but when we heard simple plan on my MP3. WHOA. we were rocking out heads up and down. huiwen is a rocker. haha. and i mean it. haha. she got the audacity to do such stuffs. u know what i mean , dunearnites. =)). haha. so cool lah. then the teacher was like "huh?" looking at us. haha. we went on lorhs. heck care about her. haha. =))

ohwell. yeah. we went to lot1 after we left sch at around 7pm. haha. we went to the shop UNITY. haha. i found my "grow tall" pills. and im gonna get them tml. haha. they're pretty cheap. 13bucks for one month consumption. i wanna be 178cm tall. though its impossible. but im not as some super short height lah. more than 165cm. haha. but its not enough!!!

yeah. thats all folks. im off. ((=

Saturday, April 23, 2005 / 4:29 PM
haha. its been so long since i last updated. sigh. i wanna change my skin already. but i dunno whats next. its has been one week plus since we achieve the medal. missed those days when we really practised real hard for the competition.

today went to town. with sisters. saw quite a few familiar faces. what i've bought. --> one big big specs [$15] and one Flesh Imp black shirt [$42] uhh. actually we arrived at town at about 5plus. then we left town at 11pm. so nice. night life. i went to take a look at the Levis new jeans. haha. not very nice leh. the one where u dont have the size number. hmm. heng actually wanted to buy the green giodano shirt. luckily i saw the Flesh Imp. then i changed my mind. for dinner we had Ramen. uhh. not bad. i ate Spicy Salmon Ramen. sisters had teriyaki ramen. we went to top shop, so crowed. then left. we dint really run thru suft stores.

oh yah. i went to Paragon's Polo Ralph!! we stayed in there for about 30min. whoo. we went into the changing room then took pictures. damn high class larh. haha. i want this black long sleeve shirt from there. but its damn fuckiin exp. cost about 300++. i can dream on man. we went to burberrys next, not very nice. but their shoes for ladies are nice.

we went into Quiksilver Shop. sisters saw this sling bag. 50bucks. i think not nice. cos very stupid the design. dint buy in the end. what ever is it. we had lots of fun today. =))) tml we shall study!!! sisters we rocks.

JOR the SAXguy (((=

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 / 12:20 PM
YAY YAY YAY. DOUBLE CHEERS. HAHA. WE GOT GOLD!!! after all the hard work. and effort!!!! wahhha.. im happy.

BUT BUT BUT. i think mrs chua's kinda sad. cos she said she's expecting us to get honours. jia lat. but i think its enough larh. we were day two. twelve april!!!! sigh. she told one of her schs today that, she had nv conducted purgatorio like this b4, meaning which she enjoyed conducting us for purgatorio!!! we love purgatorio!!!

dunearn military band rocks. sigh. today the results were strict. only one honours, st andrew. and the rest amk, tkss, dunearn, yuhua all got gold. i was expecting yuhua to get honours, they're damn strong. from what i heard. nvm. i think rvhs will get gold.

OH YA. david gloz bands have all gotten HONOURS so far. temasek and st andrew. man. whats next?? shit man. he's damn successful.

tmls judging confirm more challenging. got all those top bands. like tkgs, ri, acs and anglican. tkgs is the first band. to set the standard. sigh. i wish i can go watch them perform. anglican all the best!! mrs chua loves you people!! and acsi, good luck!!! =)) dont give up getting honours.

____kingJOREMM #0.06version GOLD!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005 / 11:28 AM
today is sunday. i woke up at 12. breakfast was like shit larh. mom went to buy some kueh. haha. anw, i went back to slp. was damn tired. now still =))

huiwen zakir noreen came to my house. for some cheer leading stuffs. haha. they left at about 630. fun. we went down to the clubhouse. haha. then we danced there. ahah. like some idiots.

shit shit. 2 more days to SYF. i forgotten to go to the temple to pray. nvm. tml i'll prolly go to supermarket get some joss sticks. and pray outside my house. for a GOLD. i really hope the band would clinch a gold. but if better still, gold with honours. damn scared. we'll be playin on a tuesday morning. we're the 5th band? we're band no 35!!! we'll be the one setting the standard for gold band? haha. i really want a gold. but if anything thing unpleasant happens, we only have ourselves to blame on. for not working as hard as SYF 2003. sigh. kkae. i got blackie vijay's emaths homework. im outt. =))

___kingJOREMM #0.06version -=--two more days to 120405.

Saturday, April 09, 2005 / 4:44 PM
today we went to crescent for band exchange. though it wasnt that fun. but cos the main point is to focus for SYF>>> ngee ann really improved damn damn alot man. anw, the band was kinda tired when we went back home. haha. everyone were like so tired, reckless. haha.

went town. to cut hair. my hair suck man. so ugly lorh. at FAR EAST. cos my sister went to cut ytd. and it turned out damn fucking nice. and wanyu went to cut with me today. hers damn nice lorhs, mines the worst. we saw ppl larh. from my band and other bands. yeah. god knows who.

we bought mf a stussy tank top// wanyu got her ROXY pencil case// mingfen bought chokers// zakir got himself a SPONGEBOB boxers! so cute. i bought NOTHING. im so damn broke lah.

after that we head to bt timah for dinner. met my FAMILY. haha. shocked. the three of them had to go home. so they took a cab back home. and ya, leaving the two elderly and the young one[jorbel]. we took a BUS home. fuck fuck. i thought the old man [ my dad ] brought his car along. and u know what excused he gave? so near, take bus larh. not as if we're very pooor man. fuck lorhs. i mean, ahya. i should haven taken the cab with the three of them. ahha. watever.

im so nervous. SYF is coming. it's numbered! lets pray hard. =)) outt.

___kingJOREMM #0.06version >>dysfunctioning.brains.

Friday, April 08, 2005 / 12:37 PM
sigh today we had band. mrs chua wasnt in a very good mood. cos we nv tune properly. intonation was friggin bad bad bad. and though our choice was much better and improved. but rhap was like shit lah. all the long tones, so obvious out of tune. im not trying to be a perfectionist here. but yah. its like. the band dont feel the anxiety for SYF. its in FIVE days time. its so fucking fast larh. tml we'll be having speech day// we'll be playing larh. the band sounded not strong. the balance and stuffs. hope we'll play sg medley real well. wish. i can feel that mrs chua wants to give up on us. she said if tml (friday) we have intonation problem again, we'll withdraw out from syf. sigh. i dont want all our efforts to go down to drain. so lets keep FOCUSed. its the key word. -cheer us on-

school today was bad. in the morning. i was scolded by the blackie. cos i dint received any consent form. cos we'll be laving HALF DAY again larh. liek super fun. but starts at 11am after that. uhh. hope my section will CO OPERATE with me. and not give my any delays or whatso ever. i hate vijay. he gave so stupid and sacarstic remarks today. like so what larh. i hope he'll grow more chest hairsss !!! and drop all his HEAD HAIR. hahaha. hope yr dick hair also drop. haha. that like one of the illnessesa. evil plaannns. haha. alrite.

i need to rush for my social studies hol assignment larh. i haven handed in. oops. im outt =))


____kingJOREMM #0.06version -->>FOCUSED

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 / 1:55 PM
the choir achieved a silver!!! so nice. and they got their aim. and when are we gonna get our gold medal? sigh. we're only left with 7days. OMG>>> its numbered. bordom. i suppose the choir members are utterly happy with what they've achieved. indeed, they're growing "healthily". huiwens batch works! with all those fall ins in stuffs. haha. thumbs up! =))

today sch was boring. not nice. haha. rained in the morning. weather wwas slightly colder than usual. and yeah. that fuckingg black man scolded me for like sitting at the back with the gals? LISTEN UP MAN. vijay shankar. my dad drove me like so late to sch. of cos i dint had time to squeeze into the crowds lah. whats yr fuckkin prob. dont give me threatennings stuffs. IM NOT SCARED. come on blackie. fuckk u man. =))) i like your hairy chest!!

we had band today. mrs chua dint turn up. she'y damn busy with her other 3 bands. both of them are working doubly hard man. left one week. sighh. after band we went to the bazaar at bp plaza. super long. but we dint walked down the stalls. we bought food and went off. ahha. zakir was clever. but. ya. we're exposed him. haha. i think? =)) . whatever. im ouut. =))

____kingJOREMM #0.06version >>>dysfunctionin.brains.

Monday, April 04, 2005 / 6:29 AM
its so boring lah. every sunday is like STONNING at home. on friday we had sound check at SCH. its nice larh. i supposed we did well? just a few cock-ups. i starting to think tat PURGATORIO rocks!! haha. im starting to love it more and more. haha. cos like in the past, i kept thinking that its only a 4-5min song. boring larh. haha. but now, its diff after the sound check.

poor farhani. wasnt able to make it. hais. she had some accident. hais. shes disfigured larh. she came over to my house. and stay with her ugly -freaked out face. haha. she stayed for one night. haha. she cant take part for the SYF. poor her. then our trumpet section will die. we'll just pray hard for a gold. haha. we must. we're only left with 0000000009 days man. its getting nearer. nearer and nearer. *crosses fingers*

anw, i woke up today at 7am. just to fetch that gal home. haha. she took a cab back larh. early in the morning. she keep pestering me to send her out. haha. cos my house and the guard house quite far marh. then i ask her to send me back to my blk. hahaha. then ytd was quite fun larh. she tok to kenneth. tok abt some shit man. haha. kkaes.

i'll stop blogging here. im gonna rush with my dear VIJAY's maths work. so damn lort. haha. kkaes. =))

_____kingJOREMM #0.06verision. ___prayhard.its.only.left.with.9.days

Friday, April 01, 2005 / 2:09 PM
three days events. anw. what shit am i toking here.
on wed i went to ACJC ANnual BAnd Concert at Esplanade. it was good. just that Barker had some tuning and intonation prob. uhh. i wont say that my band or im good lah. but its yah. haha. kkaes. uhh. acsi left the deepest impression larh. they were real good. wish them luck for SYF. tuuhh. acjc abdn wasnt that bad. it was good. good. haha. LTT's bands are always tip-topping. anw we reached home at 1am plus. haha. and theres school tml lah./ so NICE. whooo////

and we had band today. we did alot of technique stuffs. yeah damn alot. all SLs had to do combine SLs tuning before the whole band tune. i was very very flat. thought i've push all in. whats wrong we me today? today everyone fall-ed in. so nice. haha. full band. =))

tml we're going for SOUND CHECK. with crescent and one more sch. we'll be leaving sch at 6pm then reach sch back at 11pm. its another LATE NIGHT. sounds so FUN. haha. nice nice nice. whooo. cant wait for tml. uhh.

sch wasnt that bad. i had fun today. haha. with my "mother". she scolded me though. hrmm. kkaes. im outt of here. gotta do homework. that VIJAY SHANKAR has been messing up woth my life again and again. he has to shake off some hair off his chest!! im outtt. =))


_____misterJOREMM #0.06verision >>>be.strong.SYF 2005!! =))


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