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Tuesday, October 30, 2007 / 11:22 PM
Treats or Tricks

Seriously, we must get all th other Crashers out some day (:

Sarah & Jordus :D

Jyeo & Jordus
:D:D:D:D:D So happy t see her
:D Both Aaron & Her are my secret-confiding-buddies (:

He's too big t impersonate as Austin Powers., isn't he!

Franco & Jordus
Th dead ACS chum! Ha, good lord, watch out for those pair of nippies please! Exposed.

Ha, this is damn cool.
But I feel that her make-up was kinda off, like she should have applied more white foundation and reddddd lipsticks, No need for those faux gorie make-up.

I'm very sure he/she feels fuckin' hawt that night, not physically hot, if you get what I mean.

Ha, I didn't know how t pose, so I posed th GinaCharyle pose (:

Ha, Nicole!!! I bet you regret awfulllly for not dressing up, well there's always next year!

Shirley & Jordus

School (Monday 29October)

Right, so this year's halloween I dressed up as SHELL Engineer.
It was really a last minute decision. But it turned out quite wellll.

Well, I look more like a petrol kiosk oil tanker/construction working.
Th only thing I lack was prolly a huge black mole on my right chin =\

Well, so what shall I wear tommorow?
School's at 5 in th evening tomorrow, I need t go tan.
It's fadingggg, like how things are reacting nowww.

/ 2:13 AM
Somehow, I'm utterly disgusted by who you are now,
An acute awareness of intoxication beings when it comes t nightlife.

But deep down, I still care. Do I? No?
Fuck it, whorebagggggs.

Knnbccb, I cry again and again, whenever I think back.

Positivity by SUEDE

You say what you want to say
Your diamonds are drops of rain
Your smile is your credit card
Your currency is your love

And the morning is for you
And the air is free
And the birds sing for you
And your positivity

You play where you want to play
On the main streets where the creeps all prey
And you can feel like you're in dynasty
You could be what you want to be

And the morning is for you
And the air is free
And the birds sing for you
And your positivity

And the cars crash for you
And the sunshine is free
And the sirens call you

Yes, the morning is for you
Yes, the air is free
Yes, the world spins for you
And your positivity



Living room (:

New pair of shades, <3ShirleyYIXING

Bones vs. Fats.

Stop it, now. Please.
Gimme a chance, people.

Sunday, October 28, 2007 / 3:24 AM
You're th reason why this dream is still alive.
If words could speak a thousand different feelings/meanings, I just don't understand why actions/facial expressions/gestures cannot, Jordus.

Ol' folly holly molly...!

Well, I guess everything ended on a lowwwww note.
Ohwels, c'mon sing for me.

If this Halloweeen made you feel like a dork, there will never be 'next'.

Ha, fuck. Ramblings, going no where.
Weets, I have no idea where am I directing at.

This is getting nowhere
So, just run me dryyyyyy, run me.

Told ya I was gonna bump (talk) like this;

A few more things t do now:

1. Reflections
2. More retail therappppies
3. More fitness, with MagunmForce (Dongmei/Jane/Denise/Alice/Esther/JUSTINE)
4. &&& more reflectionsssss.

Right, so let's seal this up, and send it t hellhole.
Goodnight t all humans, alien beings, and you of course =\

Saturday, October 27, 2007 / 1:08 PM
Hello, I have not gotten anything readdddy yet, for tonight.
So rushingggg, fuck.
I have no idea what t go as, well. Since it's already th eleventh-hour, I guess I'll dress up as


Construction worker



or, not go at all, and come home after th parties.

I don't know how t describe, what I'm feeling now.
Not at all, it's a little bit wierdddddd

Friday, October 26, 2007 / 1:15 AM
Right, so hello, I don't know why am I blogging at this unearthly hour.
Okay, 1am t me is unearthly, at least t me, & not t you these nocturnal aliens (:

So anyways, as th topic suggests. bigmouthking indeeed.
Not exactly forced t blog now, but just t entertain DanielC (: Righhhhttt.
Haha, I'm so tired, well, haven't recovered yet.

Well, today wasn't an exciting day,
went t school, yadayada, Miss Hong labelled me, "liar".
Cos I lied a lot t her, HAHA, Too baddddd.

I was almost close t tears this morning okay, cos I left my wallet on th teacher's desk, and walked around.
damn, they kept it from me, and I was searching for it high and low, frantically pls.
I was panicking luh, haha, fucking skanks, I still love you all though!

Here's skanks for you <3

So afterschool, went t meet Gerri t tan at BuonaVista Swimming Complex

And I fuckin' swear, I've never stepped into a Public pool since I stopped swimming in sec 1, well.
I completed Lifesaving 1 in sec 1, and stopped. *BEAMS*
Back t th point, th entire complex is so fuckin' sleeezy, even th toilet. Damn, even th lying chairs are soooo dirty.
Well, no sun, just sunny, but no heat, FUCK :(

Look so uninvitng rightttt, nehneh.

Ha, I have t meet this whore, or rather tramp soon man!

I've not seen you for two weeks alreadyyy, Shirley!

& you too, Nicole!
No shit man, meeetup (:

& you!! (:

Even more no, shit for you threeeeee hustlers man!!

So pictures from Saturday's night at Club DXO
Well, last underaged party for th club :D Hurrrray!

Pris & Jordus:D:D

With SeahRachelle :D

GlennBoy, & Jordus
Long time no see, my dancepartner!

Goooodnight, and DanielC you'd better taggg, asswipe (:

Oh, I must start studying now and catch up already!
Shit, and I have one homework which is due tomorrow (:

Monday, October 22, 2007 / 11:11 PM
Th last thing I'd wanna do,
is t wipe my blood and tears.
And tell myself t take it easy.


Right, so in th late afternoon, I was in a foul mood.
Could almost punch anyone right in their face if they were t step onto my tail.
Fuck, if I were th minister of education, I'll never condone any behaviour that involves love & r/s.
In this world, only friends live (:

Cheebye, anyways, I have a new blog.
That's right, newwwww (: wordpress.com
It's a web log that's compulsory for all my fellow coursemates and myself.
It's for Storytelling module, so we actually have t blog everyweeeeek, and submit our homework via wordpress! How cool is that sio!

On a lighter note, school's been fun.
We watched Wizard of Oz this morning during Film lecture (:

Ha, it's more like a musical, every 10-15 minutes, they'll sing.
And every sentence rhymes okay!

Ha, so during break, there was this lame joke between Nathaniel & Cheryl

N: Wahh, you went t HongKong during th hols.
C: Yeah, why.
N: So did you see KingKong there?
C: *chuckles*, yeah.
(all six of us were laughing)
C: Know what?
N: What?
C: I saw KingKong eat KangKong.

Ha, we laughed even louder please, Fuck,
Cheryl has now been contacted with th "rhyming-&-lame" virus from both Salihin & Nathaniel.


Went down t look for th other Mass Comm sluts at th atrium (:

Yeah, I write notes t keep myself awake in Letures.
Because th seats in th threatre are realllly very inviting!

My fellow pacer, Jiaxin

Jordus & Gerri

With Denise :D

Ohwels, so after school, I managed t spare like a full 15minutes catching with both Justine & Nelson!!
I confided in Justine, and well of course, she told her problems t me also (:
And did I mention, just a few days ago, I dreamt of Magnum Force, that the training groud is fully equipped with air-conditioners, and carpeted flooring, with planes of huge mirrors on every side of th wall.
Th best part that, all of us were relishing training, well pain is pleasure.

Well, like what people believe, if you were t think/ponder over a certain issue in th day, you'll prolly dream about it.
Can see th nexus between dreams and reality and thoughts? Ahhh!

Yeah, righhhhht, I miss Magnum Force Cheerleading. Even till now, occasionally, I will watch th previous years short videos of Magnum Force! Ohwels, th reasons why I left were because I didn't know how t manage my time, prioritise my activities&events. well and of course other few ambiguous reasons, which I won't tell anyone, maybe a few.

So anyways, I must thank Dongmei, th most. It was her who kept on cheering me up during th very very very very tough trainings!
Times when I almost teared, she was th one who repeatedly say this, "C'mon Jordus! Let's do it together! Sure can make it!".
Well, th most because most of th time, she was my partner in base.
I'll never forget th 'hand-gestures' that we pact, everytime we fall! (:

Dongmei & Jordus, after training, we missed 3 buses that night!

Well, not forgetting....

Justine's cheering when once we had t kneel down and put our hands backwards, if you get what I'm trying t say, and move backwards.
Denise for constantly trying t make me attend every training even when I was really worn out (:
Esther for cheeering when running Campus Run
Dennis for being my pacer when it comes t Campus Run (:
Alice for pushing me t work harder.
Jane for like being th advisor t everything.
and of course th list goes on, Karen, Gerald, Wilbert, Xiangying, Amy, Fifi.....blahblahetc.

Ohwels, either way, I'm gonna gym soon, b'cos december's nearing! :(

Okay, so pictures which we took during last week's Photography lesson are out!
Fuck, my pictures were over exposed, so only 10 out of 30 were produced :(
None of them's edited (:

Jiayi & Jordus
Seriously, with so many people whom I've worked with so far, she's th only one who's th most cooperative, like as a producer, she concerted all th paperwork and what not,

Jeri, Jordus, Natra
Ha, Jeri's very blur, HAHA, But yet, she's VOGUE :D

\No emo ya!

Maybelle & CassandraTan :D

Candid please (:

No idea what were we doing man,

Vintage yo!


Ha, gotcha for sleeeping!


Jeri & Shenghong

Jiayi was trying t finish her roll of film, so she decided t take a picture of me being squeezed in th lift.
Ha, but somehow, I didn't show any expression =\

When all th sluts in th world, unite (:

Maybelle was just sitting there half th time, taking pictures. Ha, looks like she got her ass glued t th ground,

Seriously, I don't know where's th focus at.

Ha, I took this shot ballx!

Photography Wong

Jeri & Casstan

Supermodel sio!

Right, there are still loads of them, I'll prolly upload them either tomorrow or th following day.

I have an 8 am class tomorrow, shit.
I want my eyes t get better, and yeah, of course my ♥ (cheesy, I know)

My vision of this is getting no where,
Tell me straight, else give me a pat.
Eitherway, please.


Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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