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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 / 3:50 PM
I was really happy when everything started.
But today, I feel exceptionally drained.
Suddenly, I feel so petrified.


So yeah, bloggin' from school.
School rocks, but today I feel exceptionally worn out.
Okay, repeated.

Ohwels. Busy weeeek.
Alright. Lemme breifly skim through.

Last Friday
Went t school.
Slacked and all.
Went home then I went back t school.
Jiaxin, Denise and I went t Denise's place.
We cabbed t Bt Timah Wet Market t meet Derek for dinner.
Umms, we ate ubber a lot.
Then we cabbed back t her place.
We slacked a while then I went off with Jiaxin
Went t meet Jieying, Aaron, Yann.
Then we went t club.

(Saturday, I stayed at home)
Mmms, Woke up and called Prissy.
Met up and we went Sentosa
Tanning. I'm a lil darker :D
Ohwels th weather played dirty towards th end of th afternoon :(
Ate at Sakae Cheap thrilll :D
So anyways, we went t Novena t meet Lucinda & Jeremy
Ate dinner and all.
Then we trained t Causeway point.
Went up t her place.
And waited for my dad t pick me up.

Ohwels. Tuesday after class, I went for training.
Urgh, my entire pair of shoes is soiled.
Totally okay. But at least I had lots of fun on th field
Although there was this stench and muddy grass patches.
Changed and all, went down t HollandV t meet th rest.
Ate CrystalJade Congee.
And so all of us laid on th super comfy sofas at Starbucks

Had Sports&Wellness Training in th morning.
Ha, Fucking fun please, yet tough.
Ohwels, went over t Denise house t meet th rest.
Then yeah, showered and all.
Came back t school.
And guess what am I addicted t now?
The L Word
Damn, fucking steamy please.
Haha, ahhh.
I so want t club this weekend.
So glad that you've seen th light. HAHA :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 / 2:39 PM
And on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
We're chilling on Sunday.
We talk ass.


Haven't been blogging.
I've been really busy with school.
Ngee Ann rocks ass.
Know what, I really love this place.
Awesome, totally hhhawesome.

Overdue pictures.
Haji Lane together with SherryLah.
I miss you. We should ask th rest out soon.

So Shumei came back from London
& Yeah, we went clubbing at MoS
Both times were at MoS

& Now pictures from NgeeAnn FOC Camp

And yeah, finally.
A few of us, met up t drink at Denise's place.
Ha, Vodka, Chivas, Bacardi, Baileys.
Everyone got high.

Derrek was wasted okay. Totally.

He took a quick shower. Ha.
Then we got chased out of Denise's place.

MengWee :D

Derek bottomless at th bus stop.

Alright, I'm off t HollandV :D
Together with th other MassComm bitches :D

Thursday, April 12, 2007 / 8:26 PM

Th mysteries and troubles of
teenage infatuations and love problems/complications.

Sometimes I feel th fear of uncertainty stinging clear.
That when I ask myself:
Do we need anyone more than ourselves?
It is POSSIBLE t have anyone more than just us?
Ease my anxiety.
Heal this heart.

I know you were right.
T say that I was so wrong.
I don't want t keep dwelling on th past.

What am I without yous?
I'm so lost without yous.

I have too many problems t dwell on now.
I don't know how t prioritise myself.

Onward, Good Night.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 / 10:48 PM
Everything's falling back again.
I'm feeling terribly cold and alone.
Laugh at me, if you want t.

I just want t start a new life all over again.
I really want t.

What is real and what is a happy bluff?
I sit and watch th world pass me.

Don't ask why.
Good night.

Sunday, April 01, 2007 / 10:50 PM
Somebody wants t be you.
Some of them wants t use you.
Who am I t disagree?



Ha. Outside Takashimaya.
Like eons ago lah this picture :D

Yesterday was a blast, totally :)
A call from Shumei woke me up in th afternoon.
I quickly changed and all.
Cabbed down t ThForum t meet her and all.
We chilled awhile before her family came.
Then her dad dropped us off at Arab St
We went t buy Sheesha and all.
God, th cost amounted t like $150.

We went t PLUCK t chill.
Had LycheeMartini.
Both of us laughed a lot. Like a lot.
:D We talked about ourselves.
Like after 18years, what have you learnt in life and about life?
And like what are th things that you will do and won't do.
:) So nice and comfy. Finally able t catch up with her.

Oh, & her mother came t pick us up.
Played with her siblings and all.
We didn't take any pictures yesterday.
Then later Dorris and boyfriends came over :D
Mich & Pearl couldn't make it :(
Slacked and all.

We thought of clubbing suddenly.
So yeah, changed and all.
Called people and all.
Cabbed down t Ministry of Sound.
We wanted StJames initially, but ohwels!
Shumei's mother opened bottle.
So we drank and all.
God, I was totally high.
I puke like twice :(
OH & I met up with Mavis & Pohyee :D
Saw like other friends there too.

Yeah. So after clubbing, chatted with Mavis along th river.
Then cabbed home.
Yeah, I couldn't walk straight. Luckily, th security guard helped me up.
Tmr's NgeeAnnPolytechnic Orientation Camp :D

Jiaxin & IMJORDUS :D
Our little trip t Arab Street last week.

Jiaxin, you look awesome in both :D


Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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