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Monday, January 28, 2008 / 1:04 AM
PS: To you, Luqman.
Till now, still calling JX a bitch.
I pity you, I rather you spend your time doing proper work, or spend quality time whitening yourself.
Teeheehaa (:

My diet regime doesn't seem to work.
On and off.
Moreover, my face complexion now is very bad.
Dry weather, on and off. Again.
Always forgetting to mask my face, and I feel sick almost everyday.

BUT: Beautifully greeted with very nice humans almost everyday.
And a few sweet gizmo, trinkets, toyssss.

<3 Wendy

Impromptu decision, just to piss salesman off.

Give me something after 2200hours; motivated to mug harder!

15 Seikos, as redpackets. =\

Family day out yesterday, nothing nice bought.
Almost everything was out, papillon, neverfull, palermo.
Even th cracked leather strap at Gucci, wait till March '08 man.
Not your day, mother.

I don't have photos taken over the weekend, but I have photos taken using my cam.
Here you go:


BenNJerrys for you, that is if you have Mr Hot Sunshine visiting you.

Bugis, bugis, rocher beancurd.

Very hawt ride.

Beat me for this; epi leather. HA

Thank god, there were cabs.

Home, dinner. Random.

Sirloin with Grilled Sausages.


The brother, injured his arm on that day.
HA, chased by dogs, got hit by bike.

<3 Jocelyn (:


And also, been soaking.
More please, but I do not want to have chicken skin developing.

Ha, yeah, passe.


Happy People.


Almost fried!!

Nice, almost batik.
Think Jeri: Blahniks. HAHA

Right, I've to get back to mugging, just to secure a D grade at th end of the day.
Don't ask why.

Okokay I have truckloads more photos to upload.
Nights at MoS, and moreeeeeeeeeeeee work t do
Good luck Leedia, for portfolio.

We have better days to come, I'm pretty sure.

Friday, January 25, 2008 / 1:50 AM
High-social life.
Meeting nicer humans from the East-side.
Siglap, Bedok85 and SimpangBedok so cool please. (No pun intended).
But most of money went into Cabbing everywhere; from West to East back to the West again.
Worth while, although I've been putting a lot of Calories.
I hope the sit-ups and runs help.

Butttt, no proper work done. Shit.
I do not want to repeat any modules. *Crosses fingers*

Seriously, I cannot wait till th holidays are here.
Over to Batam, BedokJetty, 'Foo/Fu House", Zouk, MoS, and more Body-parties and patio-functions in Febbbbb!
Wait no ballxz.
More laters.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 / 12:11 AM
First attempt, failed darling.
I'll make it right, tomorrow again!

I quarreled with the matriarch over baking.

I'm still waiting for those pictures.

Thursday, January 17, 2008 / 10:31 PM
Happy Birthday Sister Jovene.

Bad, very bad evening.
More like disappointed; when I always try so hard t capture every happy moment.
Instead, everything turned out th wrong way, on the contrary, it seems like it's some stigma of mental disorder t do these.
Seriously, I'll only care for people who are worth cents.

I felt like shit in School this morning.
I had this feeling that I had t kill and wipe up everyone in class except Fiqah, Zid and Adilah.
Shoot me, humans.

To you, Luqman, personally:
You make me feel like shoving a rusty barbed wire up your black asshole.
You black shit. Come! Show me your stares!

I feel like running, laters.

/ 12:28 AM
In this emotional reality, you're never alone.
Because you have these creatures, everywhere.


Shit, something is very wrong with me.
I've been eating non-stop recently, a lot in fact.
And my face is sinking, open pores, oil bubbles, and what not.
Eeeewk! Totally turned off!
I need t do something, masks aren't working anymore.
SKII should come!

Anyhows, both the parents have just gotten back from their trip.
Yes, with gifts of course. Yesyes, I have two new Burberry shirts already!
& Tommmmys! oh no, and I realised that their currency's in USD. Hmmmms, queer.
Together with a few DFS Goodies, from Cartier, Aramis, Vodka to Gucci and what not!
If only I was there, die!

Amazed by th number of people on one bike.


Ha, looks a lil like th one in Paris!

Low tide;

Snake tonic drink for Men.

Ha, I guess you'd love t live and die here.

My father.

Should have submitted this in!

Dino Egg; faux.

Emperor's fish.

The building which is 100+ years old.

Plus, no enbloc. shit!

This is disgusting.


Yes, I'm gonna try saving at least 600SGD for my coming Bangkok trip in March!
I wanna try spending my own money.
And another few thousands for the December '08 trip with Nicole & Co..
Yes a little too early to even decide.

Pictures from the past few days.

Little India t threaddd brows and look for cloth materials

Our trip t pick them up, FAILED.

Then it was off t Bugis, t look for Nicole & Shirley!
So long time no see, aye!

Dim Sum soon yeah!


Tuesday 15 January 0900hours when only 1/3 of the class turned up for lesson after 1 hour.
No shit, serious!


Marchingfish; Hafiz

I have a classmate who's an actor; YongMing.
I charge for his autograph, I tell you.

A lil of Jordus (:

To Luqman: I know you cannot stand these, hit me then! HAHAHA

Lunch @ Cheers!

Sweet treaaaat!

happy people!


That afternoon was so hot that if you were t walk up th NgeeAnn Hill, you'll melt.
So we took NP TAXI, which cost each of us only like 50cents per ride.

After school, when Sunshine took day off and Rain started to overcast Earth, then it got worseee.


Oh, and after like 45min of waiting for Chia t reach the bustop, we took off to the mall nearest.

Like finally, swanies.

She was so sad because when all 3 bowls arrived, her wasn't there yet.
Nice pouuttt!

Then after the mall, they came over t my place for wings, teevee and Carrot Cake muffins and muffins!


Today, Wednesday, 16 January
Rushed through for IAC Presentation, terribly.
KAP, Cabbed, School then workkkk and more workkk!

Paige. EdHardy freakkkk.
No pun intended.

Ha, Natra crashed th last 15mins of our class

Ha, we escaped IAC class and found ourselves a new place to take pictureeeee.

They tried so hard, ha. Just t get the perfect legs.



The rest had no balls to pose in front of this mirror =\


I'm off now, to meet Alice and her friends in Wonderland.

I'll hunt you down, just you wait (:


Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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