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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 / 2:18 PM
Where do you get heels like these?

Right, so I was watching MJ S/S08 the other night, and I found out something amazing!

Yes! Those pair of 'weird' looking heels, they are inverted!
First thought would be, How the hell are they gonna even strut down, lest they fall.

But I tell you, they all looked so inspired from Junko, and it was so recent: S/W 2007.

Junko Shimada FW 2007.
(PS: This chic reminds me of Elvin and his drawings! Like how he has this habit of drawing his figurines only 'One-legged')

On the other hand, you can get the inspired and cheaper model from United Nude.

Anyone knows where to get Thomas Sabo in Singapore?

This skull evokes Thomas Wylde!

Shit, why can't we find such things in Singapore!

Saturday, February 23, 2008 / 5:02 AM
So haute I tell you.
I have so many things to share with everyone in the next entry.
Luckily, I spent my time wisely, hours of fruitful findings and hunting ballsxZ!
So many _______-esque.
Yes, blanks = brandssss!
From heels to socks!

/ 12:04 AM

Thumbs down!
It's another Friday night.
I feel so empty, suddenly. I need to go somewhere.
Midnight picnic anyone, pm me anytime from now (:
But I'm 40% Happy, because I met up with JX & Gerri today at HollandV.
We bitched, laughed, ogled, at humans.
Our toes laughed when I told them I cannot stand 'Bad English'.
Manymanymany puns intended siol!

I'm so hooked onto Alternative & Indie, but I'm still very selective.
Well, maybe I should switch over to Home Club.

SherrrryLAH! outside Zouk (Flea Market '08)

& to befriend Mr Sunshine for 2 consecutive days.

I felt so bored, so I baked for the family.
Not bad right, orangeeeee.


Wednesday, 20 February
20% Zouk, 80% Phuture. 0% MoS.

Love you, F.

Do not hide your face, everyone will look zonked out after partying!

Hate you, that you'll be filled up with only mashed potato.

I forgot what was so funny that made Wendy laughed hysterically!

A Thursday night at Sunset Way.
I tell you, my place is so cool, right Zoney!
Together with Crystal Jade ala carte, 5 Spices, Beer, and Tiramisu

Impatient, with loose stools.

We both went mad at 0530hours, trying to get a cab. Asshole.
Yes my new 'tagline' : bloody asshole.

#1, #2, #3, to hail for a bloody cab.

Everyone, pray that I survive tonight.
& a rendezvous with Prisssssy! tomorrow!
(JX/Gerri: HAHA, yknow who will pronounce this as 'ren-thes-vos')
& Sunday to the West to celebrate Helly's big 20


Just for laugh.

Sunday, February 17, 2008 / 9:54 PM
Addicted to: Ferry Corsten - Holding On

mO0ixz is beriiefull, from Steamboat just now.
Too full to even lift my butt off this comfy chair, for a run.
Before steamboat, I even had DTF with Elvin & Wendy this evening.
Before that was to ZOUK Flea Market, this time not that awesome.
Bought only one thing, something which was almost worth nothing please!
Having to squeeeze through the crowd, it was very packed, super.
Even though we only got in at 4-ish in the evening, it was still superbly packed.
Fagged, cabbed, towned, cabbed, home, steamboat, FATS.

mOixz is immensely tired, even worse when the bloody hangover tried to kill me on Saturday.
I drank so much at MoS that night, that I got totally sloshed!
From Cage to Sky Lounge to ChinaOne then back to the Cage.
So intoxicated that I ended up lounging everywhere, purging out gastric juices. Last night sucked when I had to deal with such 'obstacles'.

& I remember telling June that my cojones were crying. I don't know why.
Someone probably did black magic: to shove a barbed, rusty wire up my anus.
Must be you.

Alright, so a few days back was St Valentine's Day.
I met the usuals, for dinner. Well, initially we wanted a theme party at the Rooftop Terrace, but poor owner had to teach tuition to a clod.
So we weren't clad in NEON COLOURS, but in _________ (insert your own words).
Our friendship is platonic, almost pure.
Check this place out, fucking dope!

That tall thing there, is a wine cellar. Damn cool concept!

With a Live Band, trio.
A female singer, Double Bass player, and a pianist!


& the most astonishing part, of this place.

Think: How the hell are you gonna get up there to get those bottles down into throat.

Luckily, someone ordered a bottle, they sent this beautiful fairy up, on a pulley.

Very amazing right (:

Trust me, you all should visit this place.
But prepare to have your pocket burnt.

Off t surprise Wendy! She was all alone that day.
While chin-wagging, Leedia broke this chair. Wth.
We all had a good laugh, thankyou.

And just last week, Joyce had t send Richard for grooming. Wait, it's called nail-clipping.
I tell you, it's damn expensive to bring your dog around in Singapore.
Firstly, you have to cab wherever you go. Secondly, you get rejected by Restaurants, Cab Drives and others.

So we had t send Richard back home, in order for us to meet the rest at this Muslim Coffeeshop.
Now you see the reason why we had to send him back.

Uhhuh, school's out. Finally!
Yes,no exams for me.

This is my other friend from the Mass Comm cohort. She's leaving Ngee Ann, for college.
Not overseas, but local junior college. Wth right, you might think.
So many people are dying to get into Mass Comm, dude.
She feels indifferent in Ngee Ann.
All the best babe, for your future endeavours!

Our final projeck!
YES! Goodbye to CG, Studio Production, StorytellingTechniques, Photography, Film History.
But that's not all, these modules are the prerequisite to the next level.

I abhor CG the most, I feel like an IT student, (not pointing fingers!)
I'm not into making FANTASTIC CG Effects like in LOTR, Jumper, Titanic.
No way.

Right, to sum up everything. Year 1 has been a great year for me. Very good, wait, leave the grades aside, everything else went well.
Year 2, to come in April 2008 ballxZs!

Pictures from both Wednesday @ Zouk/Phuture, and Friday @ MoS/ChinaOne.

Wednesday 13 February.

Yes, theme was bright.
& bloooody hell, only a few of us donned the right colours.

I got my hands on Mcqueen, finally!

Ha, Leedia, so happy that she kept losing, whilst Elvin never got the chance t drink.

Now, the other way round.
Notice how her hand is on her waist.

Found new love aye.

Fang was very close t getting sozzled okay.


Jenn! Long time no see!

Got food for fish? =\


& They visited that 'Atas' place again, the next day.

Then down t ChinaOne

When the very nice Joyce waited for me outside MoS to escort me over to ChinaOne.

Leedia, your average looking Jap high school girl.

30% Intoxicated

I'm glad you all had fun.

Now I have to start thinking of a strategic way of losing fats.
To source for materials, jobs, and moneyyyyyyy!


Don't worry, your gift soon, already done up, but too lazy to present.
(To think I just had the audacity to say that)


Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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