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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 / 6:23 PM
Whatever I've heard,
I filtered them and treasure th rest.


29th May 2007
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GoodAfternoon (:
I dread Mondays, b'cos I believe in MondayBlues.
Weekend was really good, great time catching up with th rest.
It started with a project meeting for
Salihin/Maybelle/Cheryl and I
All of us were super late, except for Salihin
Ha, Project meeting was really productive :D:D:D
We are so gonna own this presentation :D
Ohwels, but there's still Cassandra t fight with :(
Ate like a lot of food please.
Spaghetti at th Esplanade Library Cafe.
Then HappyPot at Maken Sutra
Ha, Look at th pictures. Damn nice luh.

Went t meet Prissy for Sushi at Heeren
Went t DXO on Saturday with,
Kelson, Steph, Charmaine, Jason, Pris
Pris left for home, we walked t BoatQuay
went into Club Home. Left around 4am.

Stephanie & IMJORDUS
While, walking to BoatQuay from DXO
Finally, we met again.
All th laughings and STORY-TELLINGS :D
Haha, again soon alright?

Went t slack with Melissa, Steph and Kelson outside CityHall
Cabbed home alone, got home, bathed and sleep.

On Sunday, I met up with
Jiaxin, Denise, Geraldine, Tony, Shawn/Sean/Shaun
We headed down t Zouk Flea Market.
Awesome please. Totally.
Saw Sherrrry :D
I am so jealous of you, your very nice YSL Bag
\After that, we went t GreatWorld t slack.
Bused home with Denise

On our way back home from Zouk/GreatWorld City.

I took this while waiting for my dad t pick me up.

Went t my grandma's place for dinner. (:

Anyways, I'm so happy for Garnet
Besides, I really think they should win.

Watch this, it's really gooood :D
Ohwels :D

I need moolah,
GSS is here :(
Mooolah please.

Skipped training on Monday =\
No life, everyday's just school.
I miss those days when I skipped lessons and train-ed t town.
Sometimes, even making Misso skip lessons with me :(
Ohwels. yesterday, a few of us stayed back in school. Ha. So cool.
Totalllly :D

Today was a tiring day.
Had Sports&Wellness in th morning.
Played Netball, fun fun fun.
Clement, we all dislike Ken.
He and his bball moves, you cannot own us :D
Went for CATS class,
half th time, I was really sleeping man.

Took a bus home, ate duck rice.
Ate slept all th way till 4pm.
Woke up, went back t school for
Editing Session, please. today wasn't productive at all.
Die, I'm really worried for our film.
Ahhh, went for Training :D:D
Learnt a new stunt today. Chair Stunt :D

Ahhhh. School tmr again.
There are so many things that have t be done.
Projects, work and work and workkkkkkk.
Ahhh, this is stressing me out.
Ha. Bus-ed home today with Denise,Nelson and Dongmei
Haha, Dongmei is fucking hilarious luh.
You toyplanee, Ha.
Ask Jen's brother or mother give you a toyplane :D:D

Alright, time for some random pictures :D

And now t PhotoBooth

And Rachel , Jordus , Florence
I miss th both of you!
I have not seen you two for a longgggggggggg time please :(

Classmate Nathaniel & IMJORDUS
During AudioTech lesson.

During AudioTech lecture.
From left t right: Hafiz/Cheryl/Natra/Jordus :D

Classmate JeriOng & IMJORDUS

At NgeeAnnPolytechnic Atrium :D

In my dad's car. On my way t school

AdamKerr @ HollandVillage Starbucks
Haha, he fell asleep. So Jiaxin and I went t take a picture of him.

Thursday, May 17, 2007 / 9:56 PM
Why don't you get off my back
& Get back t your world.
Angels with dirty faces.


29th May 2007
Presale Tickets at $20 + Housepour

(Prices are negotiable)
Ticket Sellers/ More Details, Pls contact

JORDUS 90122629


School was really good today.
Started off with 'bitching' with Cassandra :D
Ha, our T1A1 Queen of Dopes :D

:D Ohwels. We had AudioTech lab lesson.
Ha. Damn fun okay.
But I hate th theory part.
& Damn, my Radio Advertisement Final Project.
I really abhor _________________________ :(
Cheryl save me PLEASE :(

Anyways, so it rained like cats and dogs in th afternoon.

I really love NgeeAnnPolytechnic
Despite th fact that it is really much stricter than NanyangPolytechnic,
th fact that NgeeAnn doesn't have McDonalds :(
Ha, Ohwels. But all that matters is that I enjoy my stay here :D:D
Alright, sidetrack sidetrack =\
Had WrittenCommunication at that time.
(: I slept for like 10mins, I dreamt of something really wierd.
Teeheehee, school ended, and we rushed t th library.
Tried t complete our paperwork for tomorrow's filming.
Damn. Ha, we couldn't finish in th end luh.
Left school at around 7ish, cabbed home with Nathaniel
Joined both my parents for dinner outside :D


Cassandra & IMJORDUS

Tomorrow, there's Magnum Training.
Full routine :D M.F :D:D
No school tmr :D:D:D
Ohwels, I really hope t meet up with th rest after traning tmr (:
I'm deprived of social life.
Goodnight humans.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 / 10:16 PM
I look at you.
Through that pair of piercing eyes.
Immediately, I felt warm enough.


School yesterday (Monday) was really tiring.
Imagine you have t sit through th entire day
on like hard red plastic chairs?
Which leaves you no chance t even sleep comfortably?
Damn, but I was caught by Emilio during his lecture.
for falling asleep.
But hey, I really tried t control myself - from falling asleep.
Ohwels, things became better towards th end of th day.
MagnumForce training :D
Yesterday's training was hell please. Not kidding.
Rounds around th school track with like mats on your head?
Hah! But th plaque came t a stop,
moreover, I felt really good after doing PT.
However, during th process, I really wanted t walk out of training ground.
It was too tough, at least for me.
Ohwels, but fortunately, I got high detemination okay :D

Anyways, school's really fun.
I love my Class T1A1
Okay, except for th few individuals.

Well, today passed really fast.
Slept awhile at th school's library.
Ohyes, we had Art&Design today :D
Drawing of humans- faces actually.
Haha, Show you mine :D

No puns intended please!
Damn funny please.

After school, went t StudentPlaza t chill with my classmates :D
Ummms, then I went t join Jiaxin, Geraldine, Tony, Shaun, Denise.
We took a bus down t HollandVillage
Ate Crystal Jade's congee again. :D
Addictive okay.
Then off we went t Starbucks
Completed one WrittenCommunication assignment, before gg home.
Cabbed home with Denise :D

Ahhhh, tomorrow's coming :) / :(
I don't know how I'm feeling for it.
Ohwels. Morning, Sports&Wellness (Netball)
Then off t CATS class :(:(
After school, rush down t MilleniaInstitute t help them out.
And there's training again tmr :)
With th full routine.
Go! Fight! Win! :D

Pictures taken today in school :D

I wore this t school on Monday actually :D
I love th Lips :D
But I want a black lip charm instead (:
Any kind soul? :D

We saw this super hilarious car in school today.
We were on our way during break t CanteenOne. Haha.
Check th back window out man. :D

Alrights, seeyou world and humans. :D


Sunday, May 13, 2007 / 12:41 PM
At some instances,
I ask for you, where are you.
But tonight, I guess it's over.
I wanna be a happy doof.


I think this video is really good.
Done by some Year2s last year.
Gina's classmates, I guess.
I love their music and all.

School library.
Ha, My darling and my queen of dopes :D

FMS Block, while waiitng for Camera Practical Test.

Florence & IMJORDUS
That night, all 6 of us invaded town again.
Damn, I haven't been t town for a longgggggggggg time.

So bubbly :D My first pic with her okay.
Took this pic ytd (Saturday), met her in th club :D

HopNight @ Ngee Ann Polytechni
I swear it's damn fun please.

Cassandra & IMJORDUS

Okay, I'm gonna go out alr.

Thursday, May 10, 2007 / 12:14 AM
Why would anyone wanna walk across this path?
Come up t meet me.
And tell me you're sorry.


I'm just gonna blog briefly.
I feeel so worn out.
I just finished my CueSheet for Radio Advertisement
You know how much anger there was in me? [Adam/Denise(:]
Know how stressful I felt.
Ohwels. Had t rush through Cheerleading's Work.
And like this CueSheet. Grrrr.
Andand I have t complete my SocPsy Journal One tomorrow.
I just got back from training.
Dad came t pick me up from school :)
Did stunts today.
I cannot do handstand :(
I felt really happy yet tired after training.
And my zit has like GONE DOWN :D

I kept thinking that today's like Thursday.
Argh. Ohwels.
I hope I'll be able t handle like both sides.
I've been through my Year1 in Nanyang Polytechnic Media Studies already.
But I wasn't serious at all with work and all.

Good Night t all beings and aliens out there.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day, homies.
I'm off t do a lil bit of revision before I go t bed.

Haha, I look damn unglam luh

FHM FINALS @ Sentosa Cafe Del'Mar
Lucinda Mother Won :D


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Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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