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Thursday, September 27, 2007 / 11:06 AM
Fucking overhang, hangover.
HAHA! And tonight again!

Fuck, I'm going out already, bye.

Pictures tonight/tomorrow, that is if I can make it back home alive.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 / 1:13 AM
I spent my whole time loving,
and for th second time, I feel love.


My father is a rich man,
he gave me his keys t his kingdom, which has gold mines.
But when I went in, I left by th front door immediately,
and threw away th keys, t every room.

Ohwels, I feel like a thrash now,

I went t th gym this morning, and I stopped running after 5 minutes, I was coughing non-stop,
must be th flu and cough, and _______.
Damn, and so I went t swim, double fucks!
I stopped after 2 laps, I was PANTING please.
I guess, I'll just have t wait till I'm feeling a lot better, then I'll hit th gym.

And, I feel so fair, I went indoor tanning yesterday, and I am still so fair.
Just take a look at th pictures, I'm not even near bronze colour :(

I tanned today by th pool, and still! I'm fair :(

So when I woke up this morning, my mother told me something, and I felt so jealoused.
She has a new watch from EMPORIO ARMANI! Damn!

It's not leather made, but on th side of th face, are studded crystals, Damn!
I wanna get a D&G or KENNETHCOLE watch soooon!! :(

Okay, yesterday, went t town, met up with Melissa & Gerri.

We settled at ....

Royal Copenhagen at NgeeAnnCity (:

Had coffee, and tea and a few cakes, and sandwiches.
I like its lavish furnitures and posh marble flooring.
But not her poor service crew :(

Yeah, and you'll actually get t see a lot of taitais, like th one in th photo (:

and yadayada, after tea was shopping, and I bought this pyjamas pants.
&&& don on that pair of pants t school, theme day! :D
Ohwels, I'm so excited about Halloween actuallly!
Right, so overdued pictures, (I'm already too lazy t type further)
They are just pictures from MoS night, 22 September. (:

with all th silly twists at Room54

Picture purrffeccct!
Perfect because we didn't know that each of us were actually pouting!
And I didn't know why I was pouting, prolly t show my jawlinesss! HAHA =\

I have so many issues t blog about, but everytime I blog, I feel so lost,
don't know where t even start from.
Maybe it's because of th unearthly timing, but nope! Ohwels..

side track, ZOUK tomorrow, anyone!?!
Ha, catch me there!

Goodnight (:

Sunday, September 23, 2007 / 12:45 PM
Zouk Zouk Zouk
MoS Mos Mos
Play Play Play

So St James anyone tonight?

But it was all t have fun and pass those nights,

More pictures tonight...

Saturday, September 22, 2007 / 10:45 AM
I don't know if it's just infatuation, lust or love.
I'm tryin' t put my pride down, but nothing's improving.
I guess, history can never repeat itself again.
Things i used t think and words I've never said
Just in an eye's blink, are now all but dead

I spent all th nights, waiting for you.
Just t have a proper chinwag with you,
but they all seem t have failed terribly.

Time t move on?
Time for a second chance?
Those days and nights are gone,
no more backward glances.

Ohwels, there's always something t regret in life,
and at this point of time, I regret you.

Friday, September 21, 2007 / 9:52 AM
You were th reaosn why I was so altruistic & lion-hearted.
But th fear of confession is still in me.
Let this secret live in ambiguity then (:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 / 2:14 AM
C'mon baby, you only make me feel squeamish
whenever you show me your dry clitoris, on bed.


I have always wanted t pierce both my brows and th recent temptation t pierce my septum.
Ha, but before I do anything, I'll always evaluate th pros and cons.

Fuck, Septum...

1. how t dig nose?
2. look like cow


1. How t exfoliate myself, THOROUGHLY.
2. How t trim my brows.
3. When rejection day comes, I'll have a scar on my face.

Triple fucks! :(

Tomorrow night's ZOUK.
Anyone wanna tag along? Give me a ring, call me.
Go friendster look for my number, it's all over.
I wanna do a little grooming t myself before I club, my eyebags. Fuck :(

I miss both th bitches suddenly, when I went through their profiles :(
And Jane and I are gonna plan another outing for th bitches, and aeroplanes with other MagnumForce juniors (:

Jordus & Dongmei

Jordus & Jane

They can do their heel-stretch already,

so envious of them please!


Random Photos

I miss those good ol' days.

And of course, I miss my long hair days (:

I know you're busy & stressed up, have a little faith in yourself,
Voila! You just did yourself proud (:
Albeit we're not in talking terms

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 / 1:07 AM
Goodbye, I know you're sleeping without me.
So this is where our story ends.


I am so happy today, so I'll leave out penning down my thoughts of speaking or even typing out proper/simple English! , & Not that I speak/blog in puuuurrrrfeeeecccct england!
Haha. Yes, I always have this issue of people be it friends or strangers speaking/typing English, let alone your simple english. Well, will leave that for th next entry (:
Every wrong word that every individual speaks, will ignite th good ol' fury in everyone, no?

On a side note, th cough is back again, fuck this time round, it's worse!
But this will not hinder me from clubbing this wednesday again! ZOUK :D

From now on, I'll leave Mondays for retail therapy (:
Let's see what I got today in town, with Gerri & Jiaxin

1. Brown Country Road bag.

Ha, I know. Th one which I got, is th same which Jiaxin has. Well, I bought it on impulse! It's a steal please!
So everyone head down t th COUNTRY ROAD SALE @ Shaw Center now!

2. Three TOPMAN tshirts&shirts.

I like th pink one, imagine any guy who garbs in that exclusive color and design!
Well, I know it's a little peculiar.

3. A pairs of brown boots from La Senza.

Ha, it's damn cute.
I'm gonna wear them t school (:
Moreover, when school reopens, it's th new seasonal collection!

4. A little guitar charm from DIVA.

Ha, I'm gonna buy gold chain t tie it up (:
It's meant t work as a keychain though.

5. Accessories, TEEHEEEHAAAAAAA :D

Went t collect my other gold&black bangle (:
Fixed my crystals too.

Yeah, easily in a day of shopping and all, $270 can just flyyyyyy off know, excluding th cab rides that you'll have t take??

So after all th shopping, and dinner of course.
I went over t Shaw t meet Prisssy :D:D, th last time we met up was two weeks ago. Fuck :(

Ohwels, we chit-chatted, and settled down Crepes&Cream for desserts and a drink.
And hollyshit, th UltimateChocolate drink sucks terribly!

Went down t Holland Village for ice-cream (:
COLD ROCK! Fucking awesome!

Right, awesome because th ambience and atmosphere of th entire cafe suits its name.
Th colour, blue tiles, people, and of course th super-delicious ice-cream!

So, I had honeycomb with violet crumble (:
Yes, sinful, but I hope t gym and swim and tan on Wednesday, yeah, hope!

Goodnight (:

Fill my heart with gladness, and you're my trouble


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Ngee Ann Polytechnic
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10 June 1989

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