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Monday, May 26, 2008 / 9:39 PM

I'm very much alive, still kicking.
LJ is kinda addicktive. HAHA I have no idea why I type like this.
XOXO, You know you love me?

WTH, So I've been missing out a lot, 'cyber-ly'
It's time to stalk again! I'll stay with you =\
& I've been spending a lot these days, well despite the fact that I have little spending power now.

New toy, in the haus.

Seriously, I only use the phone for messaging & calling.
I have no idea how to use this phone,
I is no IT SAVVY human worxz

Moreover, I dropped her into a bowl of bak chor mee on the 2nd Day :(

I hope more will come! Pweaaseeeee.


The week before last weekend's, at MoS, but before that, we stuffed ourselves with Steamboat!
The craving, I swallowed like 10 of these keute lil buns down! Awesome!

& the Sunday, that no one was at Smoove's Members, except for the few of us.
Rare sight.

& then ZOUK/Phuture the night before that Sunday!
17 May
Frankly speaking, house/trance was a lot better than Phuture, I took time off to Zouk members, an escape!


& we have been eating a lot at Crystal Jade, we see our moolah declininggggggg


ZOUK & Ministry of Sound
24 May
Totally got conned to go down ZOUK for some guest deejay. Nonsense, settled at Phuture then members then Phuture.
TOTALLLY BORING, went down to MoS straight!

Drama momma!


St James, 24th May
Last minute decision. Fish tankies!


& So, recently I've been busy with school, check this out.
Well, I'll have to give thanks to Evon Chng & HuiTing!

From Ts DSLR

& the pictures from Botanical Gardens
We almost melted, that day!




Friday, May 16, 2008 / 2:20 AM
Finally, the weekend is here!!!
Egggcited ballxzx!
& this time round, I have like a 5-days off from school.
But I still have like 4 other projects due next week. Spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
Please, 9 June hurrrry come, holidays and hopefully I'll be able to spend quality time to catch up with work.
Totallly, I'm in Year 2 now.
Wrong move, wrong course.
Ohwels, only thing to do now is to Live with regrets.

Another addiction!
Bell & Rosssss, beautiiiiifulllllll!


On a side note, I need to come up with a new Diet Regime, I've been eating a lot, really a lot, till the extent that I barf.
See how much pain am I going through?

10 May, Saturday. Ministry of Sound
The night when we were totally bladdered and pie-eyed. For real.

The Birthday Boy.

ZOMG, Chui to the max.

12 May, Monday
Fang's 19th birthday
Before dinner, J & I went to secretly shop.

I gave the Fendi to the Mater in the end,
I'll get another one myself.

Happy Birthday F

J's stayover

Good morning, my friend.
My virgin experience, fabulous!

14 May, Wednesday
Impromptu steamboat horniness, while shopping at Vivo
Back to J's crib again.
Another virgin experience in a VW cab.

J's plot: Burberry tops, with Vuittons.

2200 hours, fungry till we chewed on Abalone as appetizer.

The handsome boy.
Even he can take Sambal Chili alright!

Unfortunately, this JJ accentuates my paunch.


Girl, so weird to have met you again.
That queer feeling I got, painful.


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Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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