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Thursday, June 26, 2008 / 1:27 AM
...As I devoured half of my sandwich in one bite, with a glass of Vitasoy on my right, I thought this to myself: 'I shouldn't have. It's pointless anyway.'
These words never seem to be able to come out from my mouth, 'When will be you free for tea?'
Take a breather, J. You're just too far from here, you do not know where you are right now.
Take the confession slow... and sturdy.

Well, tonight's already Wednesday. Soon, it'll be Thursday, Friday, thennnn the weekends. Everyweek, I just wait for Wednesday to pass. It's just another ride on the roller coaster, same sentiments?

Sunday, June 22, 2008 / 4:44 PM
Apparently, there was only one size, size-S, left in the entire world of SGBurberry. I guess god must had been on my bro's side. So yes, I did not get the bag afterall :( multi-pouts. Moreover, what was left was the white coloured one. Disappointing. Should have bought like the week before, and claim the money yesterday.

Ohwels, nevermind. I'll still continue to search for nice bags, Gucci will be the only last resort if I really can't find anything nice.

So anyway, yesterday was fuckin' good, albeit we only enjoyed the LAST FIFTEEN MINUTES OF YOJI BIOMEHANIKA (below). Well, he had blonde hair yesterday, not red. But still with the usual make up and all. Fuckin' good I tell you the music. GODLIKE!

Too good that I got wasted last night. Thanks anyways, to J & Brothers for taking care of me <3
The pictures are still with the rest, SEND TO ME YO!

Saturday, June 21, 2008 / 2:39 PM
Just did right after blogging, success!
Jordus: Daddy, can spare me some time, I have something to discuss with you.
D: What? Don't talk to me about money.
J: It's about money, can I invest in a new bag?
(I had to use invest, so that it will sound that it's worth to to buy that bag)
D: My wallet this month 10k, let your all take already. (in Hokkien, but my dad speaks English)
J: Please daddy. The bag is the one which we saw the other time, (last week, in fact)
D: Ask you younger bro if I should allow you to buy the bag not.

Just then, my brother had to rub some salt! Fuck, he said this,
"Daddy, cannot, he has so many bags. Too young for that"
"You got gucci, LV, Balenciaga, now the Fendi, you think you very rich?"
"No, Korkor you cannot buy. Help to save money so that we can move into a bigger house. (wtf?)

HAHA, Guess what I did, I exposed on his fucking Razor Mouse(spell). The very next minute, he said "Daddy, buy for him". HE TOLD MY DAD THAT THE MOUSE COSTS ONLY 50SGD.

D: Go take from my wallet.
J: YESSSAR! Thanks a lot!

So then, my brother came up to me, and started to suck up to me.
Jorbel: Korkor, what kind of bag you getting?

SUCCESSFUL! I'm fuckin' good at boot-licking & backstabbing. Because the price of the mouse was meant to kept as a secret, if not my dad will scream at him for buying a 100SGS mouse. HAHAHA. My parents never invest money into IT gadgets. Convinced only within 10 minutes! :D
I'm offfff to showerrrrrrr.

My dad just walked past me, and said this (jokingly): "Jorbel, from now on I won't trust you, I'm willing to pay for your mouse if you told me earlier on, but you lied to me. I wonder if you had taken my bankbook to go buy the mouse"

Yknow all parents say this, if you didn't lie to me, i sure this and that


Now, let's work things out. I have a confession to make, well that's beside the point. I haven't shat for days, moreover I'm feeling so sick that I'm just afraid that I might spit blood out from my lungs. That's when I'll stop buying cigarettes. Well, at least no one likes to be sick over the weekend, because there're parties to attend every weekend-night.

I'm gonna meet Elle & Fiona later for some shopping. But before that, I hope to psycho, well convince rather, the father to sponsor that Burberry tote, which I have always wanted. But looking at the situation now, after Fendi/Cartier, I think there is a veryyyyy slim chance of him giving me the moolah. I think I might have to pay for the bag myself.

Moreover, I haven't gotten enough of Quintessentials, have you?!
I'm going back next week, with more allowance that is, to grab moreeeeeee. Lambskins & hopefully the fur ones. Stingray sounds tempting, but I just don't like the fact that it's processed stingray skin, no feeeeel. If you get what I mean

iPhone filmroll.
All in a day, budget hotel.
The sister, far right.

Welcumz to Chinatown.

Conned into eat birds' nest&sharks' fin :(

Yours is the ultimate wrench.
AChow sucks badly, bad music with weird crowd.
But nevermind, there's still something even more exclusive tonight than AChow - OBar & Smoove.

Friday, June 20, 2008 / 4:06 AM
What is guts to you?
It feels like a subway station,

/ 1:35 AM
After the countless attempts at FabulousTan, without edits
PM me for cheappp deals at FT

Ministry of Sound/Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Both of us look damn swollen, inside joke. Pah Zen

ZOUK/Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Victoria :)

DirtRostiCheap, our new dine-before-party place.

J, with the neon bow ties c:

Vic's filmroll that night, we were trying out how good her T70's Smile Shutter is.

Thumper/ Saturday, 14 June 2008
High & Gone.

9am's Service.

Candies from MBK.

Fresh from Quintessentials.

I just had an entertaining conversation with 3 other guys.

Thursday, June 19, 2008 / 3:55 AM
Direction of an emotional and powerful life experience

Now, tell me what's tastier than this.

PS. Jo Ann, PM me! I'll set you high & dry on some obscure drugs!

Tonight, was all good. With AShooter & Henessy, nothing could get the better of us.
& not forgetting the very psychedelic reunion with the Leongs; of good substance and more than just your typical platonic relationship :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 / 8:44 PM
I'm losing, at the losing end.

So what would you like to have? JBurger with extra pork patty?

Everyone's changing. But now, I have to go get changed.
I have no idea what to wear tonight, what top to don, shoes to slip, bag to flaunt.

Thursday, June 12, 2008 / 2:40 PM
Click here only if you want to

On a side note, I posted this picture (below) up before a few months back, and this was one of Marni's collection.

Yes mens in leggings = meggings. And apparently, sometime back, I found out that AA happens to carry 'meggings'.

From AA

However they call it baby bibs, if I have not gotten wrongly. They're meant for sleeping. Almost high-waisted already.
Recently, I went into Marni and enquire about Mens wear, but to no avail.
Well, and I thought this to myself: even if they do, I doubt any guy (okay maybe a few fashionistas) will wear.

What I'm trying to get across here is that the fashion sense in every Singaporean is limited. Get what I mean?
Just take loafers for example, they were made available like 2 years back, (when I first got mine in 2006, Gucci & Pedro), and the thing is that people only started to have 'fetish' for loafers only like what, half a year ago?

& what's in trend for menswear NOW? Slim cut shorts/pants. With any slim-cut shorts/pants you find in your wardrobe, you don them in tow with any t-shirts/longsleeves, with LOAFERS.
Wth, all in all, I just feel that Singaporeans are not daring enough to show how they always wanted to look infront of others. We're all just very afraid that we might get teased by our friends/passerby if they happen to see us in like weird outfits.

And for now, I cannot stand the whole cropped pants look. This is PASSSEEEEEEE.
THE FAD IS OVER, SO START UNFOLDING YOUR PANTS/SKINNIES. YES UNFOLD. Because I think that tailor-cropped jeans/pants will definitely look better.
Do you even know what trend are you following? It's the whole Italian Pants trend, goons.

Now you take a closer look, yes bring the Half-tucked Shirt back! Do we all not use to leave the back of our shirts tucked out back in high-school?
But then again, you have skinny boys who have HUGE AND OVERSIZED shirts tucked out, together in their denim jeans or black skinnies. Either they have their shirts tucked out, or half-tucked.
I guess, the only way that you want yourself to look good is that you buy a shirt that fits you and that the length is appropriate.

Right, I'm all getting lazy with my fingers.

Bottom line: Most Singaporeans do not have good fashion sense, yet they claim they do. They follow what their eyes see on the streets and the time when they feel that it's alright to dress like that is when they see people of the same outfits after a couple of times, but yet they fear the looks that people might give to them. We are all copycats. Let's do ourselves some justice.

In any way, I do not consider myself of having good fashion sense.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008 / 3:36 PM

Die, I kinda forgot about my diet regime, the 500 calories a day.

Well it started off really well, and by the second day I already had 5kg off (water, that is). & like the 3rd day, because it was Elena's 21st, I kinda skipped a day, and 4th, which was yesterday, was all good.
But not today, today's super sinful.
Because, right after school, I went down t KAP t get foodstock.
Bought like a huge load of Mussels! Scrapped and brushed them ALL MYSELF, spent like 3 hours bathing for these mussels please.
However, this morning, I had nothing, only when I got home, I took in like 130Kcal of Soursop juice, not until when I started cooking the Mussels and the Pasta! Totalllly! Pesto <3

So now what's next? School for another 8 hours,then I'll be off to Bangkok again!
Ohwels, I don't know what's the purpose of gg there, geomancy, and the luxurious DFS stores I guess.
I cannot wait for Keeeeepallll and Gucci from the parents!
However, Keeepalll's love is sinkingggg.
I can afford the Burberrrrry myself now, I'm officially loaded! JUST KIDDING!

Bllloooodyyy hell, I'm in love with that PRADA Slippers and T&C Ring, together with the Kenneth Cole Watch!
Along with that Fendi Tote, and moreeeeeeeeeee!
I'll marry that anyone who will contract for me a slimming package! :D HAHA

Sigh, speaking of which, I don't wanna turn 19. Feels older, I'll have to act as if I a young adult.
Ohwels, 7 more days. Well, we all improve as we get older. wth?


Pictures from Elena's 21st
Welllll, I guess everyone had the time of their lives man! Ssweeeeeaaaarrrr!
& Brudda steady luh! Never get drunk even after 3 Lambos, and like so many other little shots!

Look, Justine! Haha, small world, apparently, she's like Elena's niece.

We went off to Hooters before entering MoS

So, after Hooters we went off to MoS!
when we were about to go queue up to enter, we were totally shocked by the endless strolling and queuing up of ___________ (fill in the blanks) in the Members' line to get in okay! I thought they were queuing up for the wrong lane already! Well, of course we were nice, that we profuse in hospitality, we allowed them in, but failed! Because they had some "special entry ticket" that night. Wth, I mean , totally, Elena, the first time we seee so many __________ in the Members queue! ZOMG!


Not there yet.

Omg, the double-chin :(
Bad hairday, bad face, but AWESOME COMPANY

Running people!



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