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Friday, August 31, 2007 / 1:35 AM


Short entry,

so today I met up with LucindaLeong.
We went brand-shopping.
Haha, window-brand-shopping.

We've decided what t get already, for this month.
Lucinda's gonna get her LouisVuitton Speedy 30 bag.
While, I'm gonna get my Fendi bag and Longchamp Large Bag.
She's so tempted t buy that Chanel wallet and my temptation t purchase another handphone strap from BottegaVenetta.

But I bought my Longchamp mini wallet today :D:D
It's fucking cheap darling!
So happy, haha. I'm gonna get another Coach wallet next week.
I'll share with my sister (: Well of course, mooolah :(

Aaron & Lucinda
I miss th old times,
Ha, but I took this picture today, a bit misleading.

Matching luxuries, Prada & LouisVuitton
Lucinda's & mine.


Aaron's still deciding if he should get th Longchamp Large bag with me, Haha!
C'mon, next week! Let's go!

I want t add more t collectionnnnnn.

Temptation is a mother! - Mavis & Travis

Right, so I'll have t leave for I have t wake up really early tomorrow :D
Goodnight humans (:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 / 11:12 PM
I really hate that feeling whenever I speak t you,
Maybe I should just put everything t revocation.


So finally I managed t snap a picture of ShaunWee, but of course that was when he was unaware.

Ha, bad quality pictures. My mobile is dead, like 3/4 near death. Wth, it works as a toy phone now for me.
So I'm using my really retro phone, K700i. Ha, it used t be one of th higher end phones when those megapixel phones have not came out please. Ha, no fucks for technology :)

Ha, even th pony polo which I cladded on today looks distorted :(

Ha, my elfin and stubby mother, Haha, yes she looks small, and as thick as my finger. HAHA, No, just kidding (:
That's my 13 year old brother on th right of this peekture.
GUCCI yo momma!

So, I actually played with th camera. And took this picture before I went t bed yesterday.
Hey, it's a VGA Camera yo!

Took a cab down t Peaberry&Pretz, I was almost near late.

TEEHEEHAAA! Pretty Chanel.

100% + 983892478937438264% authentic and real. Good grace! :D

So another few more pictures from Denise's 17th
Seriously, there are a lot t upload, so it'll take a while.

I joined these little bimbos, their little barbie-talks.
With th american and british accents, and of course British accent won!

When Jiaxin & I tried t salvage and savour every stick of Chicken Kebab :(

Well, so I just had 2 bowls of Bird's Nest.
And I ain't feeling very elated or in any state of euphoria.
What's th point of eating Bird's Nest when you only take it once every fortnight?
I mean, gradually. Ohwels, they aren't cheap either.
So I just devoured down a swallow's saliva? Ha, and it costs 1300$ in total,

I still have little pimples popping out.
Good lord, maybe I should try eating Ginseng which cost more than these nests.

No wait, th reason why I'm grousing about such a matter is because I'm not feeling good these days.
Well, life will improve somehow, I hope.

Anyways, I cannot wait t meet Shumei this coming Monday for lunch at Coca Steamboat.
Ohwels, Coca is located at Ngee Ann City, Level 4, (if I had remembered correctly)
They serve really good stocks, and fresh food.
A little brief, a plate of fishballs (8 pieces), will probably cost you 8$.
Ha, humans! We should all pay for good quality food.

Like what the hell? (In a fake american accent or maybe a bimbotic way).
This is totally cool. And who says fats cannot fashion themselves up? HA, you airheads.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 / 11:04 AM
From this junction, I'll hold you across th road.
And until we reach loveland, we will not stop kissing.


Yes, so finally I got my smiley piercing done last night.
Ha, if I were t get another piercing, I'll consider my brows.
But fuck, I still have no ballxxzZ (guts) t pierce =\

I have th videos of us taken at th shop.
Too lazy t upload onto youtube, will do it soon. Ha. You'll see th needle gore through my flesh. I don't know what's th part where they pierced through, so I used 'flesh'.

Gah! It was an impulsive decision.
Actually Gerri, Jiaxin and I were on th phone chatting and I had th sudden urge t pierce.
Ha, so Jiaxin said that she's gonna pierce with me (:
So happily, we rushed down town. Walked around and reccee prices.

PS. DanielC, hurry go pierce your tongue, I've gotten mine done already, you twerp!

So at Island Creamery, we printed out th photo. Haha.
Go spot our photo on th wall alright!

Ha, th cuffs are so nice, Haha. Thankyou Leongs.

Haha, I was trying really hard t capture ShaunWee =\

Alright, I'm gonna put up a few pictures taken at Denise's 17th

I'm so glad that she cried! Because at least I feel that our efforts paid off.

I seriously need t unleash th other Jordus in me; which means I need t club soon!

I could feel that th eldritch conversation we had last night was rife with fear.

Monday, August 27, 2007 / 5:47 PM
And by twelve, you'll be gone,
so I'd better treasure your existence now.

You're th reason why I like this song, ha, and also t th beats luh (:
It's really nice, yesterday I made the girls dance t this song, with me.
Ha, th video's rly nice too, kinda oldschool rock+vintage.

So anyways, yesterday's the Denise's birthday surprise was 90% a success, 10% was because of her obtuse coaching friends. Ha, nevertheless, they deserved th term because someone told me that they look asinine enough =\
Ohwels, so these are th very few pictures which I took using my phone,

Haha! Yes, there wasn't any theme, so I 'themed' myself, and wore red&white.
Red scarf/White Edhardtop/Red Jeans/White Loafers.

Ha, Denise's birthday balloon.

Jiaxin with th balloon.

Oh, we were in th car when we took these.

Florence!, it's been so long since I last hugged/saw/dancedwith her. The last time we met up was when we celebrated Rachel's seventeenth at ClubHome, 3 weeks ago.
the rest of other pictures are with Jeremy

Th party had so much food leftover, fuck!
Initially, we still thought that th food isn't gonna be enough for everyone, dammit..
But we tried t 'savour' everything, but t no avail, we threw th leftovers into th bin, duh!
HAHA, There was music, so a few of us danced! And we tried t imitate video, UHHHH!
Rah, so many inside jokes!
Okay, I'm gonna blog reallly quick, cos I'll have t rush out t meet th rest for dinner (:

Ohwels, after th party, a few of us (Gerri,Jiaixn,Shaun,Jordus) went down t Mustafa t window-shop!

Ha, hilarious, cos we saw th magnifying glass, and we tried t enlarge our eyes, and Jiaxin tried t enlarge her _________. HAHAHA, WHAT THE FUCK, I had a goood laugh, not laugh, but th extreme one, till my stomach ached. HA!

Well, ask me what's in th blank, if you must know!

We saw like vintage-like pouches! HAHA, Goodlord!

Initially, I only wanted t play with th masquarade eye-mask,

Just when we saw more interesting stuff, and toys, we got worse.

When things got worser,

Check out that pair of orange wings yo!

And worst, I looked like that!

Finally, because I felt really itchy (I do not have sensitive skin, I removed everything off my body, I found out that my entire shirt was pink plus a little orange-y! Wtf, must be those cabaret decors man!
I'll blame th poor indian workmanship =\

After Mustafa, we sent Jiaxin off in a cab, and th remaining 3 of us lugged our feets t Arab Street (memories though).
Then we took a cab from there, and I impersonated myself as a Thai boy, who had zilch moolah t go home, along with my cousins, I bargained for a 12$ cab ride back t Shaun's house, who's supposedly my Thai cousin.
HAHA, So during th entire trip, I chit-chatted with th cab driver. HAHA :D
So we slacked at Shaun's place till this afternoon, Ha.

Right, so that's about it!

For every second you live, I'll breath in th unfiltered air


Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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