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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 / 5:04 PM

I'm down with a bad flu. Kept sneezing on my way back home just now.
Ha, I feel good today.
Like totally. after talking to th MagnumJuniors.
Mmmms, I have second thoughts of leaving.
But I have a serious time management problem.

School today was fun, Had Netball in th morning.
Tough game. Ha, Ken, you suck!
We won in th end :)
Anws, cabbed home with Clement after Sports&Wellness
Slept for like an hour plus, then I changed for school.
Yes, I joined them at th gym.
HA. I met Gabriel (:

Went for supper with Wilbert, Dennis, Denise, Gerri, Jiaxin

Shumei called and crapped a lil.
What diamond skull watch from Club21 ONLY COSTS 300$?
If th diamonds are real, I'll get it.

Club Home with th MassCommies :)

Monday, July 30, 2007 / 2:18 PM
Apparently, my friend, Sherry, is trying to sell away her brand new stuff.
Please click here:D
Love :D

Th weekend was great.
HomeClub & DXO
Both equally high, but I came home t puke. Teehaahaa!
Great company and booze. Alright, booze is so OVERUSED.

Natra & Jordus :D

Introducing th new television set in my living room. 42" LG Plasma Teveee.

I am tooo sick t blog. (Fuck)
Baddddd headache, clods!
There are so many assignments due within these two weeks.
I have no time t play, or rather I do not know how t prioritise my time. (Double fucks!)
I am tooooo tired t even read something off screen, fucking tired (Triple fucks!)

Tues: Art Folio Due.
Thursday: Written Communication Proposal!!!
Friday: LocationProduction NVP3 dueeee!

Thursday, July 26, 2007 / 11:34 PM

I was watching fashion podcasts this afternoon.
And I saw that Marni sent men who were dressed in Meggings (Male Leggings) for Fall2007Collection!
Amazing please, totally!
So fashion has progressed, from skinnies to meggings. Awesome.
But I wonder who will wear them out.
Check it out yo!
And loafers, shoes WITHOUT SOCKS. See, told you, totally cool right!

This website(http://www.unjeans.com) states that
Leggings for men is not a new trend - one that's been around for years.
It's time to get over the body image constraints and go for the comfort.
Just wear them. Leggings are perfect casual wear for women AND men!

On a separate note, look at these pictures.
Whatthefuck, you know that there are even Ballet Flats for guys?
Acne Jeans Spring/Summer 2008
(Don't ask me why 2008, so early.)

Look at th 'wasit-belt' on them!
Whatthefuck, can somebody tell me what are those? They look prettty t put on.

Whatthfuck. Everyone should just watch fashion podcasts!
& I am so sure that Mens fashion will never have any revocation!

Ohwels, fall winter's collection is here already, everyone! Go get your trench coats and boots :D

So this week, school's been a whore, so anal.
Datelines and more more more projects.
Good lord, I have two more weeks t struggle before freedom:D
And Plan No. 1: T1A1 Chalet, zomg! I love my class please. We rock.
We steal chairs, for good causes =\

I know this is terrible. Look at all those whose heads are down, all from T1A1.
We didn't not take this picture intentionally. We weren't acting!!
But I don't know why either, T1A1 sleeps like really a lot.
During GuestLecture even please.
But we beat th other class at Audio:D

I wear gray pyjamas which look like meggings t school.
With pointy leather shoes and highblack socks.

And so during editing session today.
Cheryl & Jordus
I need t have a haircut, suggestions anyone?

From Left t Right: Natra, Jiayi, Cassandra

With Natra's fun-tastic camera :D
Today during WrittenCommunication consultation period.
Mr James Sharpe seemed very disappointed that we aren't panicking that proposal is due in a week's time =\
Nothing t be proud of anyway, but I hope everyone will be able t complete by next Thursday (:

T1A1, Monday evening's editing session.
Hello, I'm not th girl who's on th floor, that's my classmates -Maybelle (:

I just got back from a run in th gym.
Another 3km and weightliftings. Hope they work. Pleaseeee.

Tomorrow's Friday!
Phew! Parttttyyy over th weekend darlings!

Monday, July 23, 2007 / 8:30 AM
Shuang has finally made it half way there.
So now we're just left with th editing section, damn!
That's where th split-headaches will start t roll in!
Ohwels, everyone enjoyed their time during filming, I guess so? Ha.
Albeit th many cockups and miscommunications we had, we were still able t finish up everything on time.
Thanks good grief!

Pictures during th two days of filming

Mwen & Cassandra
Tell you, Mwen is damn good at expressions! And not forgetting her voice.

Scene 5
SHUANG coming soon, this August 2007!

T1: Jordus & Salihin, my very good assistant director (:
T2: Jordus, Maybelle, Cassandra. Soundmixer and Script Director respectively.
B1: Crew, without me :(
B2: Maybelle & Jordus. (Cleaning up th place)

Righttttt, so I've just done a lil 'sneak-preview' of our film =\
I cannot wait for everything t be over, however; I want more LocationProduction!


Like yesterday (Sunday), was a good ol' day with my family, after so long.
Ohwels, we were out at VivoCity.
And of course, we did a lil shopping, e.g Forever21, Topshop/man, Adidas, RiverIsland, Zara, Tangs, etc.

And today, I'll have t go for training (:
Hope today's PT wouldn't be toughhhhh. Spare me!

T1,T2,B1: Natra, Jordus, Cassandra
B2: Salihin, Jordus, Nathaniel :D
During AudioTech lessons.
Seriously, I have no interest in audio/sound at all please.

Somehow what, I miss NanyangPolytechnic.
ShoppingArcade (TEEHEEHEE), NorthCanteen, SouthCanteen, and all
Th very nice classrooms, although th school looks very much like a hospital.
I want t visit Sherry, Misso and th rest soon.

I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you
Sometimes I love you
Sometimes you make me blue
Sometimes I feel peeved
At times I feel used

Loving you cheeseboy
Makes me so dead

I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you
I never loved someone the way that I loved you

Oh, Oh, I never felt this way
How do you give me so much pleasure
And cause me so much pain, yea yea
'Cause when I think
I'm taking more than one fool

And I start fallin' back in love with you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007 / 11:06 PM

I thought this is a little interesting, so I took a pic of my face while I was doing GINA's present today.
You've been a wonderful friend, my bestest secretkeeper (:
I hope you like th surprise :)

Prissy finally got her Smiley pierced. Whatthefuck!
I'm so jealous of her please, nevermind, I'm gonna get mine in 2 motherfuckin' weeks' time!
Ohwels, both th sisters have gone t Bangkok together with Aaron, Jeremy and WendyLeong.
:( And I only realised that I can actually afford t miss a few days of lessons, since I've never skipped school before :D
Hey, be proud of me alright. I cannot wait t go school everyday luh!
Mmms, so I told Prissy, "Know I feel like doing now?" "Book air tic and fly with you four tmr!" :(

Spell trouble for me please.
I'm desperately looking for an actor and actress t help film in our project, which is like tomorrow?
Wtf, we can only blame ourselves.
Ohwels, if you wanna successful in anything, you have to truly be the best in whatever it is you want to do.
Then again, sacrifice is 'divine' :) We need t be better than this!

Fuck, school's shagged me. A lot I guess.
Tamade, I've been putting on weight again, I guess?
I haven't been watching my diet, thus th assumption.

DongMei & Jordus :D
My super cheerful partner base on Monday :D:D
Remember th very unpleasant remarks we got from _______, but we didn't give up!
Thankyou! You're always there t cheer me up :D

Ha, MagnumForce's lanyard. Super cool isn't it?
:D Monday's training was tough, I almost cried, but I held.
PhysicalTraining was terrible, but after everything, I felt reallllly good

On Tuesday, during th 4 hours break that we had, we watched TheMaid in th ESPN Room @ NgeeAnnLibrary. Damn cool luh! It's this 12-seater small theatre, with this 48-inch LCD Television :D Happiness.
Oh, th handful of us were concentrating on th movie, when we were supposed t study for Art&Design test2.
And after school, I met up with Gerri & Jiaxin for dinner at CrystalJade @ HollandVillage and later at Gelare @ HollandVillage.
A night well spent with th two bitches, yes bitching (:

Alright, I have t sleep early tonight, lest I have no energy for tomorrow's filming.
Await for our superb film, Shuang.
A film by Jordus Lim
Produced by Aloysius Koh
Written by Cassandra & Salihin
Director of Photography Aloysius Koh
And with th help of NathanielChew, Jon, Ferdinand, Maybelle :D:D
We'll make it through, darlings! :D

Goodnight aliens, humans, and world (:


Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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