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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 / 1:27 PM
band was bad bad bad these few days. zakir had to cry for past few days. mf cried. amelia cried. christine cried. hais. sigh. today band practice was like a piece of shit. no one was listening to the majors. there wasnt discipline among the members.

i take my hat off deb. shes damn good lah. she did most of the talking today. if juniors thought that that speech was an "useless" one. you ppl are dumb dumb dumb. the worst and the most stupid freak on earth. we're only left with EXACTLY two weeeks. and thats not long. we haven been really playing very well. like what deb said. we're only sounding good on and off. its not everytime that we're sounding TERRIFIC. what if the day before SYF , we sounded good. and the day on SYF, we sound real bad? pls do not let such things happenned. pls.
let us all worship all the seven diff kinds of Gods and pray real hard. Miss Ong's words were crap. she said even if we got a silver, its alrite. why is she so much like Beh Yong Hua. sigh. zakir's tbone got confiscated. cos of some stupid reasons lah. sigh. band's really in a bad shape. many would not be surprise if we've gotten gold again. but we ourselves, we know it in our heart. that standard now is totally like what larh. im not gonna say anything. you know it, and i know it. sighh.

alright. i've tried not to come online. but i got this temptation to come online blogging. haha. yeah. =)))) yeah. okay. yeah. im outt, to study again. i'll try to control myself. ahah. tml there's nafa. 2.4km.. screams man. like so tough lah. im unfit unfit unfit. haha. but i just barely passed the trial run last wed. haha. i passed by 5seconds. haha. so gleee-li lah. haha. -grins- alrite. im out. seriously out////

______kingJOREMM #0.06verision >>>cracking.brains.thoughts. =(((

Sunday, March 27, 2005 / 3:53 PM
i woke up in the morning. and went heading for band. today band was utterly bad bad bad. and i mean real bad. we had alot of intonation problems. and the articulations prob in our choice piece. hais. mrs chua was damnpissed off. our dear dm cried. hais. band was bad. mrs chua said she would rather atttend cgss band than us. cos we're like always forgetting what she say each time. like intonation and tuning. everyone is to be blamed for todays band prac. no one will be any exception. hais. spent so much time on us. and the band is still in this state. ms ong said that we're not even reaching the GOLD standard. and we like only 17more days away to the day/ im fuckkinn worried. hais. mrs chua's unhappy with us. the four of us. we're always late for combines. sigh. im like. SUCHA DISAPPOINTMENT. blames taken--- i really felt sorry for zakir when he cried. cos ppl were playing with the new tuba packaging box. even two majors lah. hais. like so waht lorh. they put christtine into the box and carried her ard. hais. though its damn funny. but... hais. he was scolded fuckingg drum. so insulting. sigh sigh sigh.

after band--math. we went to lot1. we had hard time deciding where to go. hais. EYE 10 is like damn so many people lah. we ate at LETS EAT. again. hahah.saw jie yi. and im cheated!! to buy like so many of those useless tickets. saw darren with dorreeeen and peeps. like so SHOCKED>> how on earth darren got to know those gals? ahha surprisingly. he was smoking there. like YUCK lah. smokers are like u know. haha. YUCK. whoa. aint great.

the climax for today was meeting MARCUS. he face was total reddd. he wore polo raulph shirt. like so friggin rich lah. dint really notice what he wore for jeans. its not levis though . hais. realised that he was once a fatso too. ahah. he shed off alot of fats. and now hes like a hottie. wanyu's so crazzy that she acted like a PI>> so. haha. it was like a 10min meeting. ahha. we passed him the money for their concert.

and after that we went to wanyu's house. ahha. we helped zakir changed everything in his friendster acct. its so hunk-y. haha. yeah. then about 9pm we left wanyus house. haha. zakir and i walked to plaza. we talked about band. and stuffs. we ate KFC. ahha. and we left aboutt 10. and i reach home at 1030. here i am. haha. updating.

i got scolded by mummy. she scolded me for like coming home every day about midnight and stuffs. like i haven really settle down to study. i really wanna study for Os already,. but just un-settled. hais. sigh. alrite alrite. im out. =))))

>>>kingJOREMM #0.06verision _______`dysfunctionin.brains.stupidity.

Saturday, March 26, 2005 / 1:56 PM
today*s GOOD FRIDAY. and its been "GOOOOD" . yeah shit man. i satyed at home whole day. logging onto the net. so bored larh. trhen i called wanyu to talk for awhile. so boring larh today. i guess town today was fhcukin pack pack pack. all students confirm meet up and go town one. haha. ahya. no actitivites for me today.

i woke up at 12plus pm. cos i reached home at 12plus midnite ytd. i toook a cab back from town. left town at 1145. haha. the taxi was a MERCs!! home was near. so i dint really get to catch a nap in the cab. haha. alrite. =)) im ginning away//haha. actually i woke up at 10am. called chrissy to ask if she wants to hike at bt timah hill. haha. but she planned to go for a swim. -rejected---- and next i went back to slumberland. haha. then i woke up. went down to get newspapers. and yeah. no activities. so blog entrys not gonna be long doh doh. haha. like nothing to do lorhs. FRENDLESSS. aww man. im so WHOAAA. im gonna stone. whoo hoo. tmrs band. =)) and i thought we're supposed to meet marcus and peeps tml after band. to pass them ticket money. wonder if my frens would be bring them. prayingg hard. alrite. im outt =))

________________--kingJOREMM #0.06verision ..dysfunctionin.stupidity.brians. =))

Friday, March 25, 2005 / 3:51 PM
haha. i read comments. jenna. u good. haha. sickening comment u have down there, stop yr crap. haha. god sis. anw, haven been updating for a long long time. haha. thought i should update liao. i think i'll prolly list down in summary. haha

event ONE.
march holidays was damn GREAT, yeah great. schs everyday. for BAND. haha. diligent. and on fri we had exchange at ACS. we screwed up. cocked up. and yeah. we were the worst band down there. and though students said that we were terrific. but they are only students. yeah. students. haha. there were like so many conductors. im sure theyll be like, oopps. intonation prob. balance. and stufffs lah. i thought st margs were good. and acs larh. ahha. BEST. haha. and yah. me christine and amelia took up courage to get that marcus' face on my phone. i had to show wanyu. haha. yeah.
and yeah. we went to westmall after the exchange. several things happenned. haha. and zakir and i went back to sch at 9pm just to wait for wanyu they all. they went to malaysia for filed trip. stupid.. both of us laid down at the parade sq. and yeah we were lookiin at stars. and we did footdrills. ahha. so military.and they came back at 1145pm lorhs. so late. we spent 2 hrs and 45min waiting for them. haha. we are their TRUE FRENS. indeed...? =)) )) guess so.

event TWO.
sch reopened. everyone had that "sian" look. early morning. like what larh. haah. schs beeen sick lah. lessons everyday. and tutorials. and peer tutorings as if it helps. perhaps to those in E1.. but not to my class larh. we ended up toking instead of studying together in peer groups. USELESS. haha. i rather structured tutorial. haah. to buck up.

event THREE.
hhaha. its thursday. we had half day off. sch ended at 1020am. haha. yeah for some celebration for good results for Os. and yeah. we had band band band band. till1pm. huiwen waited for us//// so good. and patient. and we headed to YUKI YAKI to have out lunch+breakfast+dinner. haha. its tempanyaki and sushi buffet. haha. and steamboat buffet. me and wanyu and zakir and huiwen went to boil HARD BOILED EGGS. and we put them back onto the belt. haha. so funny. we threw alot of unwanted food into our soup -pot. haha. and we use alot of eggs to cook scrambled eggs. we added alot of seaonings and stuffs. haha. was real fun. and was nice. haha. ice-cream buffet sounds good. delicious.

i had my common test result slip back. it was BAD BAD BAD. and i mean BADDD. i barely passed two subjects out of seven. see how stupid am i. haha. and all the rest were F9s larh. im gonna buck up. i wanna wake up already. i dont wanna build sandcastles in the air anymore. NO MORE crap JORDUS.

yeah thats the end of blog session. haha. alrite. im out.

_____kingJOREMM #0.06verison >>hesjordus.theking/mighty.dysfunctioning brains =)))

Thursday, March 17, 2005 / 3:36 PM
heeelllooo. today i went out in the morning. for piano. haha. learned alot of stuffs. circle of fifths. so difficult. and after piano was about 1pm. and i went to meet zakir. cos he had to draw some money out. he was so god damn late. and he withdrew out a total of 100bucks. after which we went to replace our ez-link card. so fuckkk. we have to "buy" a new one lorhs. haha. with sch uni on. siao lorhs. crazy transitlink.

then we went for lunch. at [let's eat] again. haha. i ate some kway diao. haha. so full. i saw alot of pjc rugby players lorhs. haha. im so like. wahhh. haha. cos i wanna go jc join either rugby or tennis. haha. they were so hunky. haha. ahya. dont tok about them liao.

we went town. with andi and xiuhui. stupid god damn andi. haha. so funny lorh he. he had hard hard hard time selecting what kind of bags he wanted for. at last he bought this PHILOSOPHY bag. haha. im gonna ask him to lend me soon.

after we left town [7plus pm] we head to plaza. haha. me and zakir and andi went for haircut. ahha. i was very worried. cos got one hairstylist seemed unprofessional. then i ran away. ahha. zakir pulled me back. haha. luckily i dint kena her. haha. ANDI DID>>> she took damn long to cut his hair. haha. now he look like a kid. cutie pie. haha. im sure xiuhui loves him even more with his cute hairstyle. me and zakir got almost the same hair cut. haha. just diff hair cutter. haha.

alrite. so tired. fought with jovene. over the computer. she's very on PURPOSE. intentionally one lorh she. fuckk her upside down. okok. cya.

________kingJOREMM #0.06version-

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 / 3:24 PM
we had band today. i took a cab again. to sch. today was totally hot. very hot. we practised at the concourse. haha. choir had their camp.

after band we went to westmall. ate bk. haha. saw swiss winds. haha. no nutts lah me. uhh. yeah. im tired. i need to sleep. out.

___kingJOREMM#0.06version>>>>dysfunctionin.brains =)))

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 / 3:56 PM
29 more days to SYF. and i mean less than 10 practices. we had band today. we prac in the concourse. everything was so different. tml we'll have band. everyday band. so COOL>>>

band lasted for bout 4hours. so fun lah. and after band. as in during the packing up. almost three quater of the sec 2s quarrelled. siao one. so young quarrel. haha.

after that, mf, wanyu, zak, jie yi, justin, chaeng and that foxy chris . we went to let's eat to dinner. haha. a thai restaurant. haha. so fun lah. zak was digging out his piece of shit tt was stuckup in between his teeth. so YUCKs lah.

after dinner, we chatted about band stuffs. the results. how it would be like. and stuffs. we're so worried man. ah! and eyah. took bus back with MISS FOXXY CHRIS. and yeah. i reached home at 10plus. here i am! so stressed up. this friday there's exchange with alot of schs. im gonna get screwed by wanqi. this gal from crescent. i owe her stuffs. so sick man me. okie lah. i dont wanna crap any further. cya peeps. though theres no one here to read. hahexcept YUMIN!!

____mrJOREMM`#0.06version -->dysfunctionin_brains ===))

Monday, March 14, 2005 / 3:16 PM
hais. today i went out with jasmin and stella, they came to my house, and we took a cab to suntec. to watch CHEEROBICS 2005. so nice lah. SAD!!! dunearn dint got into any top 3. drop from 2nd last yr to none. but at least dunearn is still in the top 5. MAGNUM FORCE was TERRIFIC.. and i mean TERRIFIC. and there was this guest cheerleaders from thailand. bangkok university. they got SEA Games 1st. haha. they were really AWESOME. FUCKINN great lah. fly here and there. they dint had problems with their flyers. firm and steady. MGS was great. but din know why they dint got 1st, they got 3rd instead man. so shit larhs.

after the thing, we went to eat. we had a "NICE" time selecting where we wanna dine at. so troublesome. we wanted steamboat at marina, thai food, jap food. and kenny rogers. we ended up at PASTAMANIA> >> >>> >>>> nice larhs. are with shirley and shuying and stella and jasmin. stupid andi and xiuhui dint join us. i was the only guy la, as usual.

after that. we went to ROYAL SPORTING HOUSE>>> i bought a PUMA water bottle. nice. haha. i'll upload it one fine day. yeah. one fine day. so cool lah. i almost bought a PUMA windbreaker and ADIDAS windbreaker. i had hard time choosin which one i wanted. haha SO FUCKEIN screwed.

shirley had to go off first. leaving shuying stella jas and MEEE>>> <<<<>

after esplanade we headed home. me and jas dint wanna go home so early [8pm]. we took 171 and dropped at town. stella came along. haha. we walked along the streets. and we run acrossed the road. ppl called us siao kias. cos we ran when the cars were moving fast. haha. we laughed. and we took 190 lah. HOME>> <<<>

and here i am!! home. stucked up with my BLOG. haha. and jovene just came back from town too. with deb and her frens from SAC. haaa. kkaes. im outt liaos.



Saturday, March 12, 2005 / 11:16 PM
so sick man. my com was sent for repair. haha. days ago. haha. it dint really affected me. cos it was sent on thurs nite. and thur nite, i went to bed. then friday had to go to sch. and last minute i went back home to pack my stuffs to go back to sch for some prefect camp. haha. many unpleasant things happenned la.

haha. i just came home. from acs funfair. it was closed when we reached there. haha. disapointing. haha. we went to plaza for kfc. the meal was paid by my ATM MASTER- Noel . haha. he lent me his billabong shirt. haha. XL. haha. so cool. thanks load dude.

my common test results.
Chem/Phy - E8 [just so-so, dint really studied]
Acct - F9 [alrite, i haven been paying attention in class]
Chinese - B3 [so happy, first time so high!!]
so screwed la. haha. i studied, and i fail. the subject that i dint worked hard for [chinese] , i manage to pass. shit la.

we had BAND today! im super worried. left another 32 more days to SYF 2005. i ereally hoped that the band will at least achieve its gold medal again la. haha. mrs chua changed many many parts for sg rhap. it sound more professional alr. haha. im quite confident and comfortable with the new style. haha. and the choice piece [*shuts mouth*] was exciting la. haha. so animative. just that the solo(s) and the last part for the piece dint worked really well. haha. my section did pretty well today. credits to ben. haha. i had to teach lower winds, cos mrs chua said tt they're quite blur. haha. then i took saxophone for awhile. haha. they were great la. my section.

what happenned during the camp... [below...]

jor.dey zakir wanyu jasmin and mf to join in the big fuN! hahhaa, as thea wasnt feelin that well ytd nite, we left sch at bout 12? to send her home. hahaha, in the end, we landed in the 2 seven 11s in gombak and lastly at the prata shop! yummY yUm yum! well lifes never so fun with the funky company. hahha, jus rock lo. and once we are all at one, we crapped like nobody's business and laugh out as loudly as possible. and by the time we sent thea home and reached school, it was like about 4?? and after all the bath and stuffs, it was 4.30! hhahaha, and guess wad, jordey and gang has got band tml at 7? hahahaha, so corny. stupid jordey didnt wanna sleep and sang so loudly till we laughed like mad! hahhahahaha, and all the lame actions. hahahaha, so humuoros. oh by the way, we slept at the hall while the others were at some other remote areas. hahahaha.

i dint wanna list out what we did la. haha. IM JORDEY i was lazy to write out one by one . so i extracted out from noel's diary. haha. i sang and disturb wanyu and mingfen. haha. long story. ahha. we had real fun.!! im outt!!

.`fhcukrin__jor*//dysfunctioning-brains =)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 / 3:42 PM
haha. EXAMS ARE OVER. stupid computer got some worms. haha. that stupid ape [christine] ask me to play with the worms inside my comp. ahha. siao eh that ape. haha. so funny lorhs she. great major la. MY COMP GOT MAJOR PROBLEM!! WORMS INSIDE

on monday nite, ant and jasmin and xiuhui and andi came to my house to study amaths. xiu hui left first tgther with andi. left me ant and jasmin. we studied till 10plus. ahha. so dilligent. so coool lah. jasmin that tong at cat's hm, then ant proceeded home. haha. so fun lah. my mama cooked for them. we did many sums. - trying to show off how hardworking we are- then they came up to my house. haha. they talked to my dad. haha. so funny lorh. things bout their. faces and acnes.

today. amths tests was screwed by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i can pass , i considered very lucky alr. so screwed lah the paper. today we had chinese lessons. mdm chao heard me like insulting her. cos i was like damn frustrated lah. then she keep naggin. us to fill in the contents page and stuffs and we did letter writing. then i shouted "ya lah. like old granny like that. nag nag nag." THEN SHE HEARD. i dint know till ppl told me that she knew lah. haha. i was like, OH GOD DAMN IT. but she dint like do anything to me or what lah.

then came amaths lesson. ms ang is so FUCKIN FUNNY. she said tooo much jokes. i used MUCH becos it was really too MANY. the class couldn't take it. haha. we kept laughing. u know ms ang's a great tcher lah. she's really to humourous lah. she's born with that talent. she kept talking about her A1s at hai sing cat sch. hahaha. so like motivated. haha.

after school >>>>>>>>>> LASER QUEST> it was so FUCKIN fun lah. we run like shit lah. the thai girl (ouracha) got first. haha. 471. like so pro lorhs. i got 4th position. guess what. im so LOUSY. i got like 81. haha. so FUN. we played for only ten mins. and we were SWEATING liek pigs alr lorhs. ahha. i hit-ted mf's nose and head. she had an AOR BAK CUT on her forehead. and it was FUCKIN obvious lorhs. we played TENNIS after laser quest. at first i dint started off very well. but i played for like one hour plus then quite good liao. haha. team up with weikiat agnst eliza and ruiting. haha. the purpose was there. to pair up eliza and weikiat. haha. eliza's picking up fast. haha


Sunday, March 06, 2005 / 2:37 PM
i went to plaza. this was what i bought. 01-adidas tennis shoe [royal sporting house]
02-a red new mouse for my com [popular books store]

so full. i just had some baked potatoes with bacons toppings. today jasmin and ant came to my house. we dint really study though. we ended playing in the clubhouse. not really playing. chit chattin. and they came up to my house. we went to surf surf. and ya. looking at ppl's pic and blog. trying to save my mouse. it died!! it's been with me for bout 4 years. haha short life span. haha. bye bye mousie. there u go. up to heaven.

ant took a pic with my bro. haha. that twerp! so action. gave that stupid smile when i took pic of him and ant. haha. what a nice smile. and i was the fabulous photographer. dodo dodo dodo. haha. tml's sunday. and the day after tml is monday. time really flies. next next wk is the hols!!! we're gonna spend time with acs(i) for an exchange prog. they're real good. made up of great substances. we ain't. the first day of the hols, we have band activity day. so cool. we're gonna play games throughout the whole day. then tues and wed and thurs. there goes the whole march hols. SO SHORT. FUCK THE CALENDAR.

and next's gonna be Oss. so tough. haha. i'm thinking so far into the future. haha. yeah.
friendster's so nice to me, blogger's so nice to me. i cant bear to carry my ass out of my chair. i cant study. everytime i'll just hog hog hog hog onto the com. haha. so un-focused. FOCUS. its just another no no. 7 and half months away b4 yr dooom day. haha. work hard. FOCUS.

im just crapping. okay. now fockers, kidds, teens, i need to leave. -wipe my ass and im outttiiie-

_____`misterJOREMM-- #0.06 *dysfunctionin_brains]]

Saturday, March 05, 2005 / 6:33 PM
IM SUCHA RETARD. I DID ODs IN THE PAST. AND NOW? BLOG? SHIT ME LAH. i dont know how to play around with the html codes anymore. im sucha shitty. i cant even spot my own error!!!!!! how!!!!

/ 3:58 PM
today we had poa common test. it was so god damn blardhee diff. but luckily got some basic knowledge from yumin. haha. thanks yoomin. we spent like one hour plus plus studying at the concourse. haha. so cool. raining. singing in the rain. haha. we ate chicken rice from school. our maid went to buy - jasmin.

yeah. today after the exam, we went heading to town. guess what i saw beihan and jerryca. haha. waiting fuh buses. uhh. we went to watch the HITCH , that lame show. haha. only the ending was nice. shaking their butts upside down. so cool. i was sleeping during the show. till my lovely alarm clock-eliza, woke me up. haha.

we went to roam town. heeren! we went to the specs shop. haha. we search for many glasses. we wanted to look RETRO. but fail. haha. we saw pauliine with her siser.she bought another mambo pencil case. i heard she changes her cases all the time. friggin rich babe. after leaving heeren, eliza and jasmin headed home. [7pm]. leaving me, chris,mingfen and ouracha. haha. we went cine to eat. we had hard time choosing what we wanted to eat. RAMENs, PASTAMANIA. RAMENs has 's' behind it, bcos there were two diff stalls in cine, the one beside the foodcourt and the one up there. yah, up there ^^. haha the one beside the cinema lah. haha. we went to eat ramen in the end. haha. its was nice though. i had to pay for mingfen's meal. hey MINGFEN, u had betta vomit out my money. haha. i'll rush all the way to m'sia to buy a pig's head if u dont. haha.

during out trip, we met alot alot of FOCKERs. from dunearn, ex dunearn and so. ppl said that they saw daph khoo. so COOL. we dint manage to catch her though. haha. i'hv nv seen the real daph. haha. but stil OLI , u ROCK. after eating, we went to REDWOLVES at wisma. it was closed. haha. then the next shop, FLASH. mingfen and i are gg to buy the same organiser from ripcurl. haha. no hinting anything lah. its just that, that organiser is super nice. we went to surfbabe to catch ant's sis. haha. so cool. her whole body so surfy. haha. roxy jeans, roxy shirt. volcom's belt.

now kiddos, i've come to the end of my story. POST yr comments twerps!


Friday, March 04, 2005 / 1:44 PM
lifes so boring nowadays. common tests are just right up. so cool. no urgency to study either. haha. my family's getting more and more boring each day. COOPed up like a chicken. study study study. haha. i'm not done with my skin yet. pretty cool yeah. haha. never been touching html for quite some time already.

my iron got explosion. reason becos i didn't switch off the switch after using it last nite. it was turned on till this morning. GUESS WHAT. that OLD MAN called my hp when i was having amaths lesson halfway. i was so shocked. he screamed lah. haha. i was so worried lorhs. that my store room. black color or still in good shape. haha. luckily nothing went wrong. haha.

dad wants me to buy new school shoes. haha. my nike sneakers has gone like. ahya, every part of it is spoilt. haha. same state as my previous adidias shoes. haha. perhaps im getting one Adidas sneakers. haha. dont know. i love adidias tennis' shoes. so cool. haha.

im so whorey. so cool. guess what. ant's sis said that i look like some bunk on frenster. haha. initially she dint know who that twerp on their screen was. and ant asked if that pic of me was nice. her sis said sth bout cool and nice. haha. and she asked 'bunk ey?' OH MAN. haha. its the second time already. first was at town. two bunks from CHIJ walked passed me and started looking at me. haha. then at heeren, misunderstandings were cleared. haha. they started laughing off. cos i've got LEG HAIRSS. haha. so humourous.

school was sick lah. i was frenless for a moment after yoomin and jas left me out there in the concourse to 'bask' in the rain. haha. there was shelter though. haha. i studied accounts alone. so lonely. haha. dad came to pick me up. haha. LUCKILY in the car, i dint get a scolding from him. haha. today maths paper was totally in deep mess lah. no time. no brains. no skills. haha.

alright. gotta go alr. see you ppl around. haha. though there's no one looking at my blog now. haha.



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