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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 / 12:58 PM
I'll hope some expectations.
Am I asking too much?


I'll blog about my birthday party once I get my laptop back.
Bye 17th.
18th's quite a downfall for me I guess.
I lost my wallet, with like moooolah inside :(
Fuck. I didn't get t sit on you :(

I cannot wait for training to resume again.
All th best t th Magnum seniors :D

Ohwels, now that th holidays are here.
I should come up with a very constructive and productive time table.
I need t lose fats!
Sigh, and like friendships.
School, friendships, family, love?
These lines are always blur.

While I was in th cab t school yesterday.
Something dawned on me. Hit me real hard.
I guess you are really th one whom I don't even mind wasting time on you.
Th fact that you are in existance is already an amazing feat.
Nothing t lose, nothing.
But I want t, my bad.

There was this night, which I crid really hard.
Th next morning, I found myself again, in tears.
Well, I wished time hadn't passed this fast.
Time is beauty, something which is meant for all of us t appreciate and treasure.
A master healer in everything, a double-edged sword.
Just so you know, everything is gone.


Don't pinch me.
I'm gonna lose at least 3kg this holiday!
Gonna get bronze-ier this holiday!
Manymany therapies.

MoS-ed with Xuesha
At least we're smarter Teeheeheehee :D

Prisy & Jordus
Ha, 15months of good lord friendship :D
We're still surviving :D:D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 / 12:20 PM
I am pressurized under this mounting load.
What is real and what is a happy blufffff


Both my laptop and desktop crashedddddd :(
I'm gonna blog proper once I get th both of them fixed.
Currently, I'm using ShengHong's laptop t blog.
Fuck, I have two WritComm work t be done.
One's already due yesterday.
Fuck, it sucks t be 18.

Ahhh, now for pictures.

Alright, Zhi, th pictures are up.
Sorry for th delay, and like not turning up at StJames
Ha, but you had a good night afterall :D

"Shall we take th Jordus' pose first?"
Haha, tribute t Jordus :D:D

All th best man, ITCHY dude :D
You're th man, I'm a boy.
Because you're gg into th army :D
Have fun man balls.

Jieying & Juliet :D

Wokays, Bye. I'm gg t rush through my assignments nowwww.
Then join Prisssy in town t do work agn.
I'mmmmma nerd.
And Magnum's training cancelled.
:( I need t lose weight.
Ahhh, and thanks for th many wishes.

I love th potatoes :D:D
I love th TommyHilfiger wallet and rings :D:D:D
I love th Boook (Shiqi,Xiuhui,Andi,Jasmin)
I love th Chocolate cake.
I love th FCUK perfume :D:D:D:D:D:D

18th Birthday was good.
A good round of drinks at Club DXO
Fuck, fucking puked EVERYTHING OUT PLEASE.
Thanks Bryan boyfriend :D and Tran :D
And like Lucinda for th CokeRum. Geees.
Jason for th beer.
And th many many cups of alcohol.
Barcadi Shooter. Damn, HOTTTT :D

But how I wished I had spent my first and last minute of my birthday with you.

Alright, I promise. I'll blog proper soon. In English :D

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 / 12:30 PM
I feel like an aeroplane,
in th rain.


Both my laptop and desktop crashed
Urgh, blogging using Nat's macbook :D
Pictures :D

My wonderful classmates :D
T1A1, you rock!

Cassandra, Salihin, Jordus
FMS, Recording Studio :D

Hahaha, Cassandra :D

Wrapped with Cassandra's scarf (:


My wishlist :D

Bottega Veneta

Alexander Mcqueen Skull Scarf.





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