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Saturday, May 28, 2005 / 5:24 AM
i had tuition this morning. hes a nice tutor. hes super clever. =)) and i realised that the topic on sets is kinda easy. haha. just a lil prac makes the world nice. and he talked to me about studies, and finally all distractions have been aside and my mind is ready to take on banal textbook information of unending words and numbers. yeah. i realised studying can make life fun. it depends on how u look at it. well. read more, and prac more. u reap what u sow.

well. my new fridge came!! its nice. veh metallic. haha. its big. my dad asked me if i want the old fridge in my room. haha. or in the utility room. i said "i'll consider".

im not sure about my progs for today. prolly go out with sister to town in the evening, after my chinese revision. =))) well. it depends, i hope to go club with her, when shes a lil older.

i was hearing 50cent ytd, on jorbels playr. haha. its nice without him. HES GONE FOR CAMP. he'll be back tml. young one, yr hello kitty xbox playr is awaiting for ur victorious return! jorbels a nice boy. cute. handsome. tall. hes in primary 5. haha. but he FKING VULGAR. u better stop jorbel. better stop being spas man dude. =)) hes getting so R&B. its nice lah. but too much isnt good for u young one. u wanna get into AC, u better buck up in ur maths. yeah, dick head. =))) right, i'll be waiting at our door step for u, see how much uve suffered under those tchers, and fun u had.

ohyeah. i'll post some pics of jorbel prolly another day, when he went for the camp. and the aftermath. haha. and my new fridge. =))) i cant find the cam!!

Friday, May 27, 2005 / 12:25 PM
back from band. wanyu wan caught. yeah. by kavita. cos when back to sch. and we're suppose to attend sch in the morning. but we skipped. well. i cried today for nth. WTF. stupid zakir and wanyu played a serious trick on me. then i rlly went to blieve. ohwell. dumb suckers. but haha. it taught me a lesson. ohwell. but when i heard sth from them. SIGHNESS. my world has fallen apart. so incomplete. why issit that ppl carrying daggers behind their backs whilst shaking hands? yeah. bryan u shud know who im talking abt. why issit that comrades turn against each other? the endless puzzle of decoding human nature but before thats done, i'll be always the 1 who will suffer at the hands of those who wear 2 faces.

oh. lets change topic. like a structure of cards falling in on itself, my results return on TOMMORROW. i await the truth, as they say, u reap what u sow. yeah. the impending disastrous results. well. i dont care much. prelims are the ones that are impt. and then the major one. =)) mums not gonna attend the session tml. haha. she said its DUMB. haha. poor blackie, i guess u wont be able to meet my MUMMY. she said u SUCK. sucky blackie.

dad fetched me from lot1 today. well. he voulunteered to pick me up after his meeting. i waited at the taxi stand like some nutts. he was late. nvm. we spoke to each other about JC admission. he asked me which college i want to enter. well. i chatted. yeah. till we stepped out of the car when he parked his cark at the basement =))

ohwell. band prac didnt seem nice today. but the fun of it was that i tried many many instruments. =))) whines. i made noelle cried. her mum complained. cos i added stress to her. shes not a good playr. i guess her liping was incorrect. unlike huldah. huldahs nice. fast learner. well. i shant speak much. bye peeps.

Thursday, May 26, 2005 / 12:01 AM
ohwell. haha. yeah. yumins reminding to update my blog. yeah. i'll do it. well. ive received all my results. ive to attend the meet-the-parent session. IM NOT GONNA ATTEND. its not even worth one cent. shitass yah. oh. i skipped sch today. -OOPS- yeah. but im returning to band later. to check out those kids. young ones, u guys better work hard. prolly gonna eat breakfast at kap later;alone. well. it depends if i can make it in time to meet TEAM. haha. im meeting them at 1pm. lot1. then we'll hv lunch and yeah head to sch. haha. all four of us didnt attend sch today. -cheers-

after band prac, i'll have to attend my last piano lesson! ms elsa, ure seriously good. damn good. ive nv seen sucha nice tcher. uve taught me music history, styles, uve gave me jazz pieces to play. ooh. i love jazz. fine, i shant tok further bout piano. oh yeah. the reason why im giving up piano, is bcos i have tuition. wheee. im finally getting tuition.

oh. zakir have been checking up on me to see if im studying chinese. haha. but yeah. occassionally when he calls, i'll be at the computer, but yeah. nevertheless, i'll still study chinese. ppl kept saying that its the easiest subj to score A for it. NAHH. i don think so, right YUMIN? haha.

hmm. kk. think i'll be back later at night. im gonna have a tough day. music make my day. =)) rock on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 / 12:37 PM
oh fking damn god. THANKS LORD. i found my tuition teacher. hes gonna coach me in amaths and physics. but im not sure if he wants to take me in. he only takes in yeah u know top sch grad students. i guess its becos its easier for him to IMPART HIS KNOWLEDGE to them. rather than teaching ppl like ME from the neighbourhood school. ahha. but im just gonna try it out for two months. he'll be leaving sg in aug for overseas studies. haha. i hope hes good.

ohwell ive been pestering mom to get me British Council tuition. shrugs. she kept saying NO NO NO. she says that english is all about reading. WTF does she knows abt english. she said if she could do it for her Os, why cant her son do it too. ohwell. I HAVE DIFF BRAINS FROM U, I ONLY INHERIT YR GENES. haha. =)) nvm. i'll just keep pestering the old ones yeah. haha. the lord of this house. hes got LOADS OF MONEY.

ohyeah. went to IMM go get a new frigde. haha. it came out in the papers like last week. that the old man was so eager to get that fridge. he think its nice. haha. but its FKING BIG ADN SPACIOUS to put all my foods in there. yeahs. once again, thanks parents.

today i met up with andi and xiuhui. as usual. andi and i were toking about band band. ohwell. we switched several places. as in the places we went to study at. from je library. to entertainment centre. then from there to my house. then from my house to plaza. then we ended up nowhere. we did chinese TYS. ahha. OHWELL. I DID CHINESE. heavenly!! i ought to thanks all my friends. esps zakir and mf. haha. mf was like my mama. nice though. but naggy. she kept saying that i could do it. just study as hard , and grab that A. then ZAKIR was checcking on me off and on. to see if i was studying chinese. haha. but NAHH. chinese was nv my forte. did i used the right word. ohwell. wtv. great friends. and xiuhui came along asking me to study 6 HOURS A DAY WITH HER and lovely. ohwell. i had to oblige to that too. =)))

schs starting tml. well. HAPPY VESAK DAY people! the silence of this room brings back fond memories of the past few months of agonising pursuit of my "dreams". yeah. dreams referring to those instances when i thought i wanted to get into ACJC. but finally all distractions have been aside and my mind is ready to accept anything that just comes along after the receiving of results. sigh. where will i end up, it depends very much on the amt of effort i put in for this major exam. well. acjc? cjc? pjc? which one? my mind bcomes a swirling tempest of stress and fatigue as exam stress begins to take its effects. IM NOT STRESS. but later it was interrupted only by the "post-exams" activities that include late nights talking on the phone with byran^^ and the INTENSIVE CHINESE PROG. i really hope to just aim to a B3. u know ive nv gotten an A for chinese except for PSLE. ahah. that was chicken. ohwell. BRYAN ISSNT A GUY. bryan is a gal. ahha. its a nickname given for yeah. a girl u know who. =)). cya peeps.

Friday, May 20, 2005 / 12:04 PM
sigh. ive received all my results -the predictable disastrous results. sighness. guess what. i failed 5. and i mean it. english i got a 9. I WAS LIKE WTH WTH WTH. how on earth i got a NINE. ive nv gotten sucha low mark man. guess AW YEE JONG was all out to get me man. oh well. she complained to that STINKY BLACKY about me. and i got scolded by him today. guess what. haha. I DIDNT FACED HIM WHEN I SPOKE TO HIM. MY BACK WAS FACING HIM. he was like "hey jordus, pls. can u show some due respect. im speaking to u" .. hey SHIT ASS. U CAN JOLLY WELL FUCK OFF. I DONT GIVE A DAMN ON YR EOY TESTIMONIAL. cos its like all bullets were directed at me. i was like "hey. ITS NOT ONLY ME". fine. LET THE GAME BEGIN. since u want it to be played in this manner. I'LL GIVE U THE SHOTS BACK. pls lah. i told him that AW YEE JONG was biased against me. and i know it. FUCK OFF MAN.

ohwell. CHINESE was UNEXPECTED. i got 56/80 for paper 2. im like so happy larh. ive nv gotten sucha high marks for chinese. U ROCK JORDUS. HOWEVER, paper one was DISASTROUS. i got 35/70. haha. well. its alright. im nv good at writing chinese essays. uhh physics and chem, i both got F9. im damn stupid. emaths i got E8. oh. i think i'll prolly list them down next week. =)))

went to take a look at the band today. WTH. that sam scolded me CHEE BYE FUCKER. i was so kind enough to say hi lah. and u bloody sec one dare to scold me. fine. and was bad today. sigh. the discipline. SIGHNESS lah. christine was in "foul" mood. ms ong, SURPRISINGLY, was in HIGH SPIRITS. cheers ong. nv seen so happy before. well. band was like shit. as in the discipline. no leaders. no one. sigh. i wonder where the bands gonna head towards. the gold medal that we've gotten, the 15mins glory at SCH, all the uncountable hours of practices, have all gone down the drain. well. im trying to say that my batch brought about GOOD DISCIPLINE. but as in, i feel that, now the band isnt like before. the unity. i missed those days when we had to listen to the majors. i felt that yihuis batch and debs batch were the good ones. im not sure about 5ds one. cos i wasnt there. sigh. those were the days when the band were well taken care of by seniors. SIGH.

Thursday, May 19, 2005 / 8:55 AM
the un-predictable disastrous results of my eng and accounts paper 1 had set me into deep reflection and cogitation. wth i realised i was not serious enough about my exams and the gnawing reality of my o levels. indeed i was distracted by many things; perhaps NOT. its not the band to be blamed. but time management. sigh. though the syf results were sweet. but academic wise. SHUCKS. feelling dwarfed by the various downfalls ranging from study to life. constantly distracted by things of the world, the question now was could i put away all this to take on the stress that comes along with the perspiration of the academic labour. CAN I? wth wth wth. im like not feeling stressed up at all.

just the few days back, i went with the usual group to town. oh. or u want me to use the word COoOOlxXxx. if it sastify u. FUCK OFF. back to the topic. we couldnt watch house of wax. COS IM NOT 16. fking GODDAMNIT. we walked ard town. ohwell. then few days later we went to watch house of wax. oh yeah. and two days later i went to watch amitywville horror. this movie wasnt really scary. BUT. nonetheless. i did the usual stuffs. sayin "OHMY OHMY OHMY" haha. thats what mf commented on me. sigh. i'll try to stop this habit.

i had my papers back today. eng was DISASTROUS. history was GREAT. i improved trmendously though i FAILED. and wth. i DID BADLY FOR SS. i was expecting to get at least a B. but nahh. i did'nt. sigh.

ohwell. i had mother tongue prelims oral today. i guess i faired badly. cos i said THEN THEN THEN THEN. wth. watever. i dont give a damn shit about chinese.

Sunday, May 15, 2005 / 1:32 PM
oh hi people. guess why am i writing. cos of yoomin. thanks for reminding. haha. dint know u like to read entries by me. im great!

ok. to start off. MYE-es aint doing well for me. firstly, cme on monday. damn easy. then came along emaths. haha. that one. i got D7 i happy alr. i dont ask more. and physics was not too bad. humanities was alright too. and guess whats AMATHS PAPER ONE SUCK. i did only 2 questions out of 12questions. and i dont even think i can get full marks for that two questions. WTF. the paper started at 8am. and i slept at 0845hours. haha. till 1000hrs. damn slacked lah. dumb. this coming monday got accounts and tuesday amaths paper2. nahh. im dead. seriously DEAD.

ohok. today i met up with mingfen to meet eliza and ouracha at ourachas house. signature park. nice place. nicer than my place. its damn big. and both babes swam. after that swim, we went to bt timah to have chicken rice. DAMN ATTITUDE lah the SERVANTS. i shall call them servants cos they should be one. wth. ask them for more stuffs they give stupid rolling of eyes. haha. we took quite long to eat. u know. girls eat at very slow rate. oh. im the only guy. damn alright. as usual.

after lunch we went to 7eleven. haha. laughed alot there. and we went to westmall for HOUSE OF WAX. guess what. its damn scary and gross. haha. but worth watching lah. haha. i shouted once in the cinema. haha. mingfen was shocked i guess. haha. cos stupid. that bitch was shot with an iron bar right through her forehead la. ITS DAMN SCARY. ahha. but serve her right. she kept showing her BOOBS LOOPHOLE during most of the shows. hahaha. BOOBS SHAKERS. wth wth. damnit. theres this gal who sat right above ouracha. she kept saying "hes not dead hes not dead" "hes behind you" wah laos. all the comments. SHIT YOU MAN. u pay $9.50 not to tell STORY. u're there to watch SILENTLY. shut up u RVHS BITCH!
well well well. i think i gotta get going. reached home at 8plus. stupid bus journey. haha. im damn tired. ok. cya.

the reason why i nv tok about my family this time. cos haha. like so many ppl are saying why am i calling them QUEENS, KINGS. THE OLD ONE. i rock right?

Thursday, May 05, 2005 / 4:40 PM
shity shitass shits. wth. wtf. i skipped sch today just to enjoy the sun. BUT BUT BUT. wth wth. it rained. MAN MAN MAN. kkae. i woke up at 12noon today. haha. and i found Delifrance food products on the dining table. its damn nice of that old man to get me lunch. haha. before gg off to work. thanks dad. =)) and he left some mushroom soup for me. haha. i added HL milk to it to re-boil. haha. so u see. it explains why im like in this size. =)) nahhh. i added seaweed to the mushrooom soup!! haha. it tasted damn great. oh yeah. its those seaweeds whereby u need to soak them into water before eating. haha. the old man bought it at chinatown. haha. =))

i just received a call from ahmad. he didnt attend sch today too. haha. and i found out that he suffered from food poisoning. haha. and i realised that he haven die. hmmm. thanks god who saved his life. what shit am i toking.

ohwell. and that the queen and the king of this house are so kind lah. ahha. on tuesday i told the queen that i dint wanna attend sch. and guess what she said? "ok . u stay at home" haha. YEAH. rock man my queen. and that today. i told the king and the queen when they were watching tele, "hey daddy. tml i not gg sch. cos the subjects quite dumb" then guess what they said "hey. then ask jovene also dont go lah. " WAHHHAHA. they're great lah.

kk.i think i better start history revision today. and prolly start ss on sunday. haha. ss ive got no problem. cos its practically easier than history. whatever. i'll get gg man. see where i'll end up later. todays friday. and everyone seem to be in the "town" mood. uhh. but its raining now. stop gnawing!

i'lll get gg. before anyone comes back home. uhh. jovene might be coming home late as usual. always lying to the old ones that shes studying. haha. BIG LIAR. and jorbel would be at the green turf beneath my house kicking some ass. and that old man would be down washing his car AGAIN. its his firsst wife. what to do. and that dowager confirm stand in the kitchen do some stretching b4 cooking. haha. recently ive been seeing her doing such stuffs. IVE GOT A WIERD MAMA!!

/ 4:17 PM
hmmm. the mye have already started. my english paper was already over. i know i will and CONFIRM fail lah. paper one. i wrote totally out of point!! honesty is the best policy. wth wth wth. hmmm. and paper two wasnt tat bad. i could manage still.

today we had chinese. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT. my chinese paper 1 was in total messs. i also wrote out of point. i spent 15min in the toilet. u do know why rite?? hmm. haha. yeah. that kinda thing. "BUTTERFLIES IN THE STOMACH". yeah. and ya la. paper 2. also shit. i did some cheating. haha. shant say.

wahh. that vijay always come up to our class like nobody's buisness man.. he's being a complete a-hole, but seeing as that he's prolly a miserable, lonely, HAIRY, haggard indian man who will be abandoned in his later years or maybe picked up by _ _ _ haha. claire its yr fav tcher. he's damn fuckkin stupid la. leaving us with those questions that he dont know to solve for him. WTH. dint yr pay for yr sch fees to learn PROPER MATHEMATICS in yr sch days? shit yr hole man. hahah.i'll spare him one less HATEFUL comment.

kk. i'll get going. time to do some more productive stuffs. perhaps getting started on mathss uhh. or what lah. cya peeps. =)))

Sunday, May 01, 2005 / 5:32 PM
sigh. i wanted to study binomial theorem and to complete two chapters for chinese. i ended up only completing two chaps for amaths. shit man. im not succesful. i ended up at home. stoning. shit man. i seriously nedd some reflection!!

went joggin just now alone. was listening to life house -you and me on mp3. uhh. quite meaningful the some. was understanding some of its lyrics. hey hey. when i jogged all the way up to St Josephs Church, once i saw the cemetry' s tombs. i ran down the slope. haha. i was freaked out lah. super freaked out. i saw super alot la. then imagination ran wild, u know, when u see such things. haha. yeah. things just get so ya.. hmm. i almost shouted my way down. haha. super scary. like so holy that place. =X

spoke to princess on phone. so dumb. complaining that she had called this guy, then she scolded the guy. she say if that guy dare to kan her, she confirm kan him back. haha. as in gan or kan? i dont know. its some ahbeng crude languages =)). sigh.

tml i'll be heading down to KAP. to join ouracha and eliza. im not sure whether mfs coming along. swimming would the first programme for the day. =)) next studying at KAP. hmm. ohwell. im outt. its so late. 0230am liao. and im still here. cya.


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