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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 / 7:55 PM
Pictures I took today :D

& If we fall along th way,
We need t pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off,
and keep on going.
Live each day with a smile.
Being happy in th present, will leave us with happy memories to take along.

Mmms, I joined Fitness First on th 4 AUGUST.
Just came back from th gym, & I went t weigh myself.
8kg! I'm fuckin happy lah
But I cannot see th difference please.

Went t highlight my hair.
Midnight blue, but turned out t be Green.
Gold remained as gold.
Ohwels. I wanna highlight Blue strips!
Aaron! Mavis! Let's go!

Okay, gg out now (:
Ladies night at all clubs.
Fuck, am so broke pls.

/ 1:35 AM
It feels cold t be in here.
Really cold t even type 'Bye'.
But you always.

AmandaHo, wanna ride? :D

Playing: Home by Michael Buble.

Michelle: Thankyou cousin
Vera: Thankyou Hilton (:
Cantabile: Grr you owe me sth.
Nat(fake): Uhh. Haha. Alrights.
Nat(real): Mmms.

I stayed at home tdy please :D
Mom celebrated this by bringing us out t eat.
Wtf right?
She said "Wahh, first time see you at home on a weekday!"

Ohwels. Gonna bleach my hair tmr with my Mom <3
She's gonna pay for everything.
Appointment's at 10am!
So that we can go down t Bugis t get her Cosmetic set.
& I'll go for gym in th evening :D

Just memories now.
Memories, are photographs that we take with us all through life's journey.
Pieces of our past most memorable.
We should never let them fade away & turn yellow with time.
But we shouldn't cling so tightly onto them.
We only anchor ourselves t that atom in time
& allow life t rush past us.
Time waits for no one.
You'll get lost in th past if you hold onto what has gone by too hard.

Monday, August 28, 2006 / 11:19 PM
I'm sorry; & I really am.

Suddenly, I feel so alone.
It's always amidst a crowd but I feel so alone inside.
I don't know who to turn to. I don't know who to trust.
I feel so alone at handling.

I kinda not like it when I don't know and everyone does.
It makes one feel a tad insignificant, No no?

where do we go from th crossroads? Do we know where we want to go?
Where can we choose? Can we even choose anymore?

Sigh, I'm sorry

Sohhwee: Yes, u'll see a SLIGHT change
Michelle: Hey first time drunk, No prob:D
Cantabile: Hey shuddup, you owe a meal
Nat-Cantabile: Mmms, ohwels?
Jorskwen: I wonder, why skwen?

Just came home from a swim.
Today was a BAD DAY.
& I stress BAD.
Like i was _____________.
Yeah =(
How foolish lah
Sigh. Cos I wasn't willing t _______________.
Ohwels. I fuckin brought $90,
left like only $26-$28.
Bought a lot of rubbish.
A shirt, and whole load of accessories.
Cabbing's killing my allowance =(

Went out with Mavis.
Cabbed down t Goldenmile.
Met Maggie! So cute lah Maggie.
Smoke non-stop. You cannot survive without my lighter.

Time is a double-edged sword.
A masterful healer, a treacherous enemy.
Time can heal any wound,
throw all pain into th sands of itself and lose it.
Time can take th chains of friendship, love, attraction.
And rip it apart through its core.
Time can make you forget.
That is th most treacherous of time's ways.
Give it time, they say.

Sunday, August 27, 2006 / 2:58 PM


Thailand Tuk-Tuk

Thailand agn! <3
NB: Notice my dreads! I totally miss them


I miss Thailand!

Stella: Yes thank you, We'll hang out soon once I've lost even more weight!
Dorris: Yes like finally!
Zafirah: Yes next time honey
Shans: None are edited
Jess: Chill babe

Just woke up.
Bad headache.
I'm working on my new blogskin.
I'm trying out MacFlash =( BigRon.

Liquid Room last night (Saturday)
was relatively good.
Towards th end of th night, music wasn't that good.

Sigh, Liquid Room is gone.
Wouldn't know what t do for th following Saturday Nights.
Prolly Ministry of Sound?

I so want t club agn tonight lah!(Sunday)
Wtf, tell me whr t go!

I finally saw Shumei, Dorris and Michelle & NickScorp! at LiquidRoom last night!
It was th first time when Mich got totally SO HIGH PLEASE.
I'll still love you Mich & Dorris, do you not worry :D

Hugged Shumei ytd, so pretty can.
Didnt see her for like ages.
& She's gg away.
You'll always be my Bestest-Queen.
Cos you're th richest girlfriend I'd every have!
Or rather anyone can have!

Saturday, August 26, 2006 / 4:26 AM

I'm fucking angry.
Fuck you motherfuckers.
Burn burn burn.
Esp you, yes you! (:

Trying t get back at me huh?
Yes you've won.
Totally won.
&& I'll fucking show you in 3 months time.
Trust me, you skinny faggot.
Fuckin ugly dimples.
Wait not you; but just yous.
Uhh yes, them (:

You have no money.
You barely get $600 a month.
Though I'm not that rich, just more well-off than yous.
You too. Bastard child.

I'll fucking curse & swear th hell out of you if I do see you in town.
You imbicile.
Only stay home.
Awwww. Awfully fugly.

Ohwels. & you.
I rather you not tell me.
Good luck :)


Friday, August 25, 2006 / 1:02 AM
Pictures (:
Never edit them.
Didnt bother t anyways.

From left: Misso, Amanda, Ros, Glenda
(Uhh, my class has only like 5 boys, 2 of which I'm close t, th other 3? Mmms, Not close/Nerds/Dontknowlah)

(See, I looked tann-er than Lynn agn :D)

Weifeng & IMJORDUS
(I didn't know how come I looked so tann in this photo- didn't edit though)




Reginald & IMJORDUS (:


Thursday (which is/was today/yesterday)
Technically speaking, it was yesterday 24 August.
Grrr. Whatever! :D

Woke up for school today.
Went for due tests.
I was blushing and smiling while presenting luh.
Know my cheeks will turn red each time I present.

Went t Gym in town.
Ohwels. I see a change.
:D :D :D
Th people I want t show if I were t slim down are.
1. Lee Shumei
2. Dorris Imelda
3. Joanna Mary Christ
4. Michelle
5. Gina-cutie
6. Ron
7. Nick Scorp
8. Kimchua
9. Team!
10. Crashers!
11. Neighbourhood!
12. Dunearn!

Seriously, Lee Shumei, I'm not sure if you're gonna read this.
I love you.
As a friend.
You'll be gg in a week's time.
We all should learn t live in th present.
T treasure every single moment that God has given t us t live.
Live every moment without regret, t th fullest.
You've been a great friend t me,
& I mean great.
You never miss th water till it's gone.
We can try our best t keep in contact,
& even though there would inevitably be a time
where all that we do will fail us in th end,
We can hope that our paths through th journey of life will once more cross.
Then and agn, I love you.

I went t ___________ tdy.
Got so pissed off with ___________.
Then Mavis and Alex came t look for me.
Ohwels. Left for town and slacked.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 / 9:28 PM

Took these at home. Before gg t sch.

I do not know why my lips were reddish. But I swear I did not put gloss/stick.

ill upload today's pic in th next entry or sth.

It's so weird how teenagers have this.
Inevitable tendency t angst & depression.
Isn't that true?

Today was ubber fun.
Woke up at 1pm.
Online, showered and then off I head for school.
Today's paper was alright.
I didn't study. Uhh, I wouldn't mind getting th lowest.
But not t fail luh of course.

Ohwels. I was so happy okay.
Know I've not met my classmates like for almost 2 weeks.
I even forgot Michelle's name =X (MISSSO!)
Mmms, took pictures with my cam.
So happy lah

I want t learn how t fold stars.
& t fold _______ stars.

Ohwels. But I just got so pissed with _________.
I merely mentioned MC in front of you,
& you got so fuckin' worked up for?
All th sacrifices I made,
All th choices tht I forced upon myself,
All th wounds I tried t hide,
All th pain I tried t convince you was make belief.
What do i get in return

Monday, August 21, 2006 / 8:56 PM
I'm a Media Student?
Ummms, I'm not a MassCommer.
It's slightly different. Media Students have larger job scope.
But I'm not into Media please.
I'm into Designs!
Sigh. Wrong Path.
I'll stick t Advertising/Public Relations/CreativeD. (:

Today was full of shit.
I was woken up by EdwinT.
Spoke t him about my absence.
Then SeahWT called t reprimand me.
I was so angry with myself and at th lecturers.
Time's out.
Ohwel. Went t th mall with Jorbel (bonding)
Mmms. Then SeahWT called agn. Wtf.
I was so pissed that I argued with him
And I hung up on him.
Tell you, I'm just too cool for these lecturers :D

Know I was angry till I called BigRon t whine.
Wtf right. Cannot stand people nagging at me.
& You expect me t be at your office at 9am tommorrow?
Fine, I will, but do not expect me a greeting from me please.
Only t EdwinT yeahs.

B'cos SeahWT told me t make my day free tommorrow.
Ohwels. Com'on. I got only like 2 tests t take.
&& Both of them will only take up like 30 minutes.
No wait, less than that please.
Time won't wait for me :D

You know.
You always seem t have that little glint of sadness and lonliness in your eyes.
Just a hint of it.
I know you're trying t hide it as much as you can.
But, I can see it.
& It really makes me sad too.
I want you t be happy.
Even though i can't be there for you that way.
Don't ever stop smiling.

& It doesn't matter that you got
This and that and all that jazz.
We've got everything that you don't
We're still gonna show you anyway
Thus you're a loser :D
Wait, Not you but YOU :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006 / 11:49 PM

Beautiful memories are th stem of genuine smiles.
But their passing,
Is also th regret
Of having nothing t hold on t anymore
& Thankyou.
For your time, Big______.

We always say 'keep in contact', but we usually never do.
We seldom ever stop th tide from washing away th footprint
in our hearts of those who have walked there before.
Time is a great healer. and yet, time is a cruel destroyer.

Somehow, time is designed t leave us all behind.
We keep getting lost one way or another lingering in th past
& worrying about th future, that we forget t look at our present.
We lose ourselves, waiting for things t happen,
wondering what would and could happen, what should have been,
What we could've done better.
But every second that elapses in this short existence will never return to us.
Every word we speak, we cannot take back.
Every word we DON'T speak, we may never get another chance.
Every opportunity we pass up, we never get that back again.
Every time we say no, we can not say yes t it later on.

Alas, th old wounds still hurt me so,
Even as th scars fade away from memory... almost.

I'm just being emo now..
Fuck th hella out of you, Jor. =(

Saturday, August 19, 2006 / 1:34 PM

OMG, It's been already!
Yes. Today's a Saturday.
& Saturday is CLUBBING NIGHT!

but sigh.
I waited for my parents t come back from th Market.
Asked for money.
Fuck. They only gave me $40 for tonight.
I'll die please. Totally broke. :(
=( Anybody wanna apply for this job -Sugardad/mom.
Please email t fhcukrin_edyots@hotmail.com.
Please attach your resume too :D

Mmmms, I've got 2 MAJOR PAPERS next week.
Monday: Media Marketing.
Wednesday: Intro t Media Studies.

ohwels. I don't even know a shit about what I've learnt so far pls =(

Yesterday, went t clinic t see doct (sick)
Then, went t town.
Meet th usual people.
It's been so long since I last saw them.

Slacked ard agn.
Mmmms, cabbed home with Wayne and Sean.

Then Sean called t ask me t go over t her place t drink.
So I cabbed over.
Slacked till 4am.
Sean and Wayne sent me home in a cab.
We took pictures.
Ubber fun, i tell you.
Sean styled her hair like mine.

All our dirty lil secrets that we talked about yesterday,
I will never spill th beans.
& this I swear.
Why aren't we like th friends we were before?
I think th devils might have eaten up our instruments of friendship.
And th angels flew away b'cos we werent strong ourselves.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 / 1:39 AM

Mmms, Good Afternoon World! (:
Gonna go down town t gym ltr.
Then Bro's exam tmr. Gonna coach him.
But I so want t go fishing tonight with Mavis and people.
&&& I so wanna CLUB TONIGHT!!!
@ Ministry of Sound!

It seems as if I've not clubbed for ages though
it was only 6 days back since i clubbed.
Alrights. Gg t gym alr.


Lately, there has been a strange force working in my life.
& i can feel it very obviously there.
Almost, alive.
I don't know.
It's this thing.
Just that thing.
Mmms, alrights.

Somehow, I think I've been feeling recurrences of these feelings pretty often lately.
& I wonder? Who's to blame?
It is I myself?

Sigh. It's just you.

Perhaps I'm only this way cause
I can't seem to open up and give myself
to any one bunch of people whole-heartedly?
I miss people (:

Monday, August 14, 2006 / 10:41 PM
[pictures for today are at th end of this entry :D]


Jingyi: Haha. Thankyou. We should meet up soon
Nat: Aww. Do not be mean.
Anon1: But I just love my fucked up name.
Anna: Thankyou.
Manda: I didn't go town tdy. :D
Pris: Yes. My life's become happier.
But thr's still this element of ________. MMMMS.

mmms. Just came back from Queensway.
Went t buy a stud for my lip.
Didnt have dinner and lunch. Not even breakfast.
I'm gg on a diet please :(

Ohwels. Met Mavis then went down t Toa Payoh.
We went t _____________.
Lucinda came down for an hour and then she left.
And oh. Saw this group of girls.
Ohmygod. All pink.
EEW. && It's light pink. Double-Eewness.

Sigh. Was so tired today.
Laughed a lot. Whenever I'm out with Mavis.
It always seem t end up with endless laughter & stomach pains.

When this is over, it's gonna be pretty depressing,
I can predict. ah,
Well, all good things never last,
They have to come to an end. as always.
This is life. We just keep moving along. Sigh.

Mmms, I'm gg down town t gym tmr.
Then meet Mavis for _____________ =(

I hate school!
I hate schooling!
I'm gonna sit for my Major Exams NEXT WEEK.
Ohmy. =( Sigh.
1. Media Marketing.
2. Media Industry.

I hope you don't hold my gaze.
I hope you don't flash me a lovely smile.
I hope you don't wave to me and greet me so sweetly.
I hope you don't let me admire how you are.

It's painful.
I don't like the pain.

But wait, maybe I really do.

Random Picture #01

Misso & IMJORDUS (On my laptop)


Jordus Lim Bing Jie
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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