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Monday, April 28, 2008 / 11:08 PM
[NB. Pardon mOiix bRoken England tOnight]

Well, I thought situation will be the same as before, but things have changed.
Different frequencies, topics, and what not.
=\ I feel so different, indifferent in particular.
It's like attending to a super sweet sixteen party and you have no one to talk to there.
Tonight, it's all over.
The line has been clearly, maybe vaguely, drawn.

I'll back off, curtains drawn, case closed.

28th April, Monday
Lunched with Squareds then surfed to Palais for Marmalade!

Lunch was at P&P Thai Restaurant, food's affordable, and best of all olive rice and prawn cakes power!

This is almost like green curry & tom yum soup mixed.

Parked, then off to Palais Renaissance!
Barfed out P&P, took in desserts.


25th April, Saturday
Coslab-ed, then Singtel.
My new gadget. LG KS20.
Getting sick of it, any buyers?
The phone is still in tip-top condition, comes in everything.
Screen protectors haven't been removed.

Please email: jordusbingjie@hotmail.com

I just cannot stand the fact that I have to use a stylus to text and all.
& to think that it's so cool to use a WindowsMobile phone, basically a PDA phone, the annoyance is getting the better of me.


I need a break, but I know I never deserve any.

Friday, April 25, 2008 / 2:06 AM
Call me plastic, if you want to, surface friend.

Fortunately, the epidemic of 'oral wounds' hasn't caused much pain.
Well, normally if they were ulcers, I'd apply salt on them lest they cause me more pain over the next few days.
This time round, I don't even know what they are, too much of feasting on chips I guess.

The bug doesn't seem to go away, I've been tossing and turning for almost 2 weeks.
This is even more painful than those ulcers, think about the times when you tried to stay away for lessons, when you know you cannot.
& what has made things worse, is that the piling up of assignments.
Eg. To gather good scripts, coming up with good stories.
Fucked up, already into the 2nd week of school.

Briefly all in a week.
(for you D)

So, what's the point of living for others when you know you cannot even support yourself?
Who actually bothers to care for you when you know at the end of the day, no one cares.
Take my/your classmates for example, everyone will turn their backs against you when it comes to team-projects.
Who would wanna work with someone whom they know will pull their grades down.
Well, the only people whom any soul can trust is themselves, sometimes members of their family.

Give and never expect anything in return? Ha, passe, passe passe.
In this new generation, nobody really understand the term 'Humanism'.
Not even myself.
(Aye D!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008 / 2:43 AM
Y'know this time/month, I'm seriously broke.
Each time I look through my wallet for money, I see coins and not notes.
How pathetic is that?

I am so tired to the extend that I cannot sleep.
I wake up at different intervals and see myself walking out of the door into the toilet then down the stairs to smoke.
Fuck, insomnia is getting the better of me. Soon, very soon you'll get the whole of me. Wtf.

So Shumei is coming back this June and will stay in SG for a year before leaving again in 2009.
I cannot wait for her return!


Peaberry Cups.
Random shots, ask m0ixZ for venue.

13 & 14 April 2008
Took off from school str8 down to OCC for stay.
My parents were billed, and I am very contented -.-

Dark clouds = No tanning opportunities.

Please laugh with me.

I haven't had such food (Night Bazaar) for the longest time, guess almost 3 years!
For real, I haven't stepped into a Night Bazaar ever since I got out from secondary school.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008 / 11:22 PM
DM: "If you have the passion, nothing can stop you"


I have this fear for school, this barrier between the adults and I.
Wtf, time to pluck up some courage.
Smoke break.

Sunday, April 13, 2008 / 1:27 AM

Arctic Monkeys - Only Ones Who Know

I thought I haven't quite spend the last few days of my school break well, (sidetrack)besides the fact that I attended ZOUK last Wednesday, to the event that I haven't clubbed for a month.

Well, and even if it's tomorrow that I still can, I gotta give tuition.
Put partying aside, except for saving quite a hefty sum of money, nothing done during this break was construction, let alone productive.
I feel very wasted.

Yet tonight, I thought I'm facing quite a number of problems. From A to Z. You name it.
Many goals unaccomplished, well I guess I'll have to leave it till June'08.
I hope that I'll find a perfect friend to confide in, like how I used to in *.
Take driving license for example, if I had waited diligently at the school, I'd be taking my AdvancedTT now.
But me being me, I was too impatient to wait religiously, so I left.
Yes, I envy people of my age who can drive, be it their parents' car or theirs.
Academic interests next, I have a handful of friends who are already giving up.
I feel with/like them too, but somehow I sympathise with them.
We are young and uninspired youths who cannot decide what we want :(

Tonight I hope I'll read them all, analyse and conclude.
Because I felt that I have lost souls, like long lost friends, when things have been mundane.
& also that I'll unravel parts of me, like how the famous Russion dolls reduce in size whenever one is open after the other.

Fuck, inspect my pictures and you'll eventually think that I'm a dweeb all these while.


Well, I crawled out of bed on a lazy Sunday, to have an early breakfast at Chinatown, with the parents.


07 April, Monday

Melly & Juneyy.

HA, we brought our empty stomach down to Marina Keppel CC.


08 April, Tuesday

Another bloc rendezvous, my crib.

Yes, & before we skipped ourselves to ZOUK on a Wednesday night, we fed ourselves with Botak Jones.
Seriously? Overrated, overpriced.
Score: 7/10

Soon, you'll be clear.

After so long, like 1.5 months.


FF: "Come back, J. Come back."

Well, I guess I have 3 more years before teen hood ends.
I'm still young, and stupid.


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Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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