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Monday, January 29, 2007 / 2:21 PM
I have this picture of us in my mind.
Oh, & th holidays are here.
I do not want t worry about anything.


Somehow, I felt as though I just had a long weekend/break.
But no, time passed really fast.
It's already Monday, I do not know when I'll be in.
Sigh, regrets only help you t become better.
Even memories. Ohwels.

I suddenly realise th importance of treasuring your family, before it's all too late.
I do not want th 'nightlife' life anymore.
I can do without it, really I can.
It's so nice when you see your parents smiling at you.
Th warmth's so much better.

I was telling Pris th other night, in town.
That, if I could turn back time,
I'd never want Shumei t leave,
I'd never want th good ol' us t drift apart.
I wouldn't even want t be a clubber, t even start with.
I realised th times we had were th most memorable ones,
Underaged trying t get into MoS/Zouk as overaged. Preview
Every Thursday,Friday and Saturday.
I want those days back, really.

Along these lines, I wanna play innocent.

I miss having meals with Shumei.
I miss those meals at those high-end restaurants.
I miss your tears.

I miss Dorris picking me up too.
I miss our late night, eatings!
& So many more.

Pictures from DFVP ICA and all.



Our Talents & Crew :D

I don't know why, I just think that th poster is an eyesore.
Ha. Everyone else is commenting about th poster.
Not on how pretty/ugly they look but th pose? Ha.
Come on NYP! You wouldn't want t be labbelled as th ChingChong Poly:D

I hate th NewBlogger.
So irritating.
Everyone's shifting t Livejournal/Wordpress.
Ha. I won't, I'll stay for you, idiots :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007 / 6:04 PM
I lost a friend.
I would ask later, if you were mine.
I wouldn't want t lose you in th waterfall in my thoughts


Memories. What are memories?
Are they just pieces of ourselves that we've lost in reality?
Are they just parts of us we'll never relive?
Why do we have memories?
T capture the sad reality that there were so many happy times
We'll never ever get t relive again?
Th capacity of memories? Will it ever overflow?
I gotta live with these.
What memories are given t us for?
I guess, they are lessons for us t learn,
so that we'll never repeat them.
I'll do it right th next shot, I promise.
I'll try, really I will.

I miss you, lil imp :D

Aaron Roberto (Haha!) & IMJORDUS
Ha. Our cheeks. At th bar.

Went town yesterday.
Met up and all.
Shopped a lil.
I bought a pair of leather shoes from GUCCI- Paragon.

Went t DXO yesterday night.
Saw familiar faces.
Hello yous, I made new friends.
Dranked with Jenn & Bf, thank you Jenn!
Dranked with Jason, Charm, GlennBoy, HuaLong, Pris, Aaron.
Ha. Hit th dance flooor. Fun please.
Ohwels. Was high.
DJ Daniel, You're awesome.
But you didn't play OneNightInBeijing for me :(

Beautiful memories are th stem of genuine smiles.
I love yous.

Thursday, January 18, 2007 / 1:31 PM
Make a name, for myself.
Fuck off. I'm swinging on this alone.

Endure, enduring ever so much.
For what?
When it all amounts to nothing in the end.


Fuck off from this world seriously.
Cock it and pull it.
I know you'll be more than happy t see die like this,
but I wont. Instead, you'll be th laughing stock at th end of this game.
Fuck off man, you.
I tried t respect you, but I just cant.
You know, I've had enough of your nonsense.

Fuck off.

I listen t techno/trance, only when I'm mad.
I'm not happy, at least for today.
What's this new racing in my heart.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 / 1:08 PM
Crazy people standing off th wall,
looking at me and they say
Everybody knows that I'm a nice boy.


20th January, Saturday
Age Liimit: 16 and above.
Presales : $18 + One free drink.

If you're interested in purchasing tics/selling tics :D:D


Hello all! :D:D

Sweet 16th t my dear Sister :D
Go wish her HERE.

Life's fine. Just that cash flow's been a lil steeeeeep.
I've got a lot of pictures that are not with me :(, Send pls.

First Set
Pictures taken using my MacBookPro during StoryboardingClass

With our trademarks :D

Second Set
Very random pictures :D
Like very recent incidents (Dec'06-Jan'07)

I finally got t meet Aaron again, after so long :D

I went t school, in this :) -15th January'07

NewYearCountdown @ Coccolatte -Dec'06

From left t right: Donovan, VictoriaLim, Tran, IMJORDUS
NewYearCountdown @ Coccolatte - Dec06
On th podium.

NewYearCountdown @ Coccolatte - Dec06

NewYearCountdown @ Coccolatte - Dec06

Sentosa Tanning, Dec'06
I drank Slurpeee.

VictoriaNg & IMJORDUS
NewYearCountdown @ Coccolatte - Dec'06

Sitting at our usual prate place, Cuppage - Dec'06

Cousin John & IMJORDUS
@ Grandma's place BBQ :D Dec 06

Lucinda, Kelson, IMJORDUS
NewYearCountdown @ Coccolatte - Dec06

Caught her on th bus t town :D -Dec 96

More Photos please!
Evan's 18th, Rachelle's Cam and moreee :D

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 / 4:30 PM
I just wanna see you wanton.
Get me t strip down in th is alley, I'll crave you.


13th January, Saturay.
Age Limit: 16 and above.
Presales $18 + One free drink

20th January, Saturday
Age Liimit: 16 and above.
Presales : $18 + One free drink.

If you're interested in purchasing tics/selling tics :D:D


Ha. Haven't been blogging. Life's bad.
School's ________________.
(Misso, I do not work at ___________. & I do not work :D)
(Sherry, I didn't make my _________ at school tdy)

Ohwels. Celebrated NewYear @ Coccolatte :D
Everyone got fucking high. Drank, danced and all. Podiums and poles :D

Crashed Milennia Institute th other day, Thursday.
Together with thCrashers & BiNations & Fifi :D
Was so fun please. Felt so good t meet up with everyone else.
Camwhored and all. Met Sarah
Cabbed down t KAP Macs t wait for ginaCUTIE :D
Lala-ed and all. Ha. :)

I'm gonna miss PJC's Finale tdy.
Ha. I love their MassDance. Fucking fun please :D
Ohwels. I've not been gg t school this week.
There's this adrenaline rush in me whenever I think of going t school.
But whenever I see work and lecturers, I'll be turned off :(

Anws, I'm gonna try for SP Creative Media & NP FMS :D
Yes Jiaxin Hurry okay, let's go together.
I'm gonna abandon th China Island. (Inside Joke)

Ahhhh. I'm so hungry. I've been putting on weight too.
Like rly a lot. I wanna buy a new bag/perfume/more clothes and money money money :D:D
&&&& I wanna become a nerd.
Know I actually enjoy doing projects, rly.
I think I'm just not motivated enough.
I enjoy sitting down after school doing projects. Rly, I rly do.
I'm not rly a rebel afterall :)

Heh. I'm gonna head down town later, t meet everyone else.
Aye, I'm like a DOTA Siao now.
I'm still bad at gaming :(




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Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Diploma in Film, Sound, Video
10 June 1989

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